Elizabeth Avery's murderer

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Elizabeth Avery's murderer
First Appearance Last Appearance
Girl Grown Up Girl Grown Up
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Unknown

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Elizabeth Avery was first seen dead in Stiff when TAAG found her lifeless body with a bullet wound in her head at Bunker #7, where Emma was supposed to be staying. In Girl Grown Up, Emma's footage provides a look at who the killer is. Though he or she is dressed in all black and is unidentifiable, Emma claims that she will not back down in her pursuit to find whomever did this.

Months later, a masked figure claimed that the Order was responsible for Elizabeth's death because she "broke the rules." After other information from this source proved to be legitimate, the information regarding Elizabeth's murderer is assumed to be legit as well.


  • Forum members are suspecting that it may be Carl seeing that the person was built similarly to him.
  • Forum members are also suspecting that it could be Edward Salinas or one of his men/shadows.
  • Forum members also believe that the murderer is a man because of the build.
  • Lucy was also mentioned as a possible suspect in the forum.
  • Forum members have also discussed that one of Emma's parents may be the murderer and have killed Elizabeth in order to protect their daughter.
  • Speculations also include the Resistance, due to the fact that their symbol was found in the bunker with Elizabeth Avery's body.
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