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| name        = Emma
| name        = Emma
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| age        = 15
| age        = 15
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First Appearance Last Appearance
A Family Affair Up All Night
Character information
Age 15
Forum Posts Emma07
Portrayed by Katherine Pawlak
List of Emma's blogs
Videos with Emma

Emma is the adopted sister of Jonas and new Trait positive girl. Her first appearance is in "A Family Affair".


Emma was adopted by her first parents at birth, when Emma was nine they were killed in an accident, and she was then adopted by Jonas's parents.

Shortly after Emma met Jonas, it was revealed that she was Trait positive and had been chosen to be the new ceremony girl. Jonas and Daniel quickly drugged her and took her to a remote location, and asked Sarah to bring Spencer's serum, to try to make her "Trait Negative." Although they told her a false story about meeting her parents for a vacation, she soon searched the Internet and discovered that her parents had been shot, about Bree’s death and the Hymn of One. She made a meager attempt to run away, but soon decided to stay, making Jonas promise to never lie to her again.

In the video “Shadow of Death”, Emma, Jonas, and Daniel found themselves surrounded by the Order. In the midst of the ordeal, Sarah appeared . In the end, they made an escape when Emma charged at a Shadow, grabbed him and he mysteriously died. The remaining Order members fled , Emma and the rest departed without resistance. This led Jonas to believe that she had special powers capable of killing HoO members.

Soon after the confrontation, LaRezisto released a video about Emma. In the video a male voice tells Emma that she has a power, that she should help LaRezisto and that the Order fears her. The video ends with the male voice calling her “Angel of Death”. Daniel reacted with his own video, expressing his mistrust for LaRezisto.

In the video "Decision Time", it is revealed that Emma began taking injections to convert her to trait negative. In the following video, Emma is shown boarding a train with her parents. Emma then posts a vlog telling us she wishes to live a normal life and announcing she will be taking the last of her injections.

After being gone only six days, Emma returns to Jonas and Daniel offering to help. Two days later, LaRezisto posted another video saying that she was a trait positive woman, named Claire, wanting to help Emma hone her powers. Amid much protest from Daniel and Sarah, Jonas takes Emma to a remote place in the woods to meet with Claire. He then allows her to take Emma even deeper into the woods alone, and a Watcher comes out of the woods and calls Claire a "LaRezisto Shadow" and says Emma is in danger.

With Jonas unable to find her, videos have been posted from LaRezisto in which Claire warns TAAG not to make any attempts to find them. They also include clips of Emma, apparently forced to say that she's fine. With TAAG doing all they could to find her, and Emma only in captivity for less than a month, Claire and Emma posted a video saying that she would indeed be doing the Ceremony and saying goodbye to Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah. Emma was eventually rescued by TAAG, however, her father told her she would not be bothered by Jonas again. While in hiding with her parents, Emma continued to post videos giving us updates on how she was doing, which included being sick and having strange dreams. After being silent for 15 days, Emma finally posted another video where she tells us that she is back at school and has changed her name, but can't reveal what it is. In the same video, she told us that while she was not completely well, but feeling about "seventy to seventy five percent" and had developed a rash that she called a butterfly rash. Days later, she was unable to sleep and posted a video expressing her concerns about the rash and her similarities to the girl in the VHS tape Jonas had posted. A few days later, Jonas and Dr. Hart were disrupted by knocking at their door, afraid they had been found by Verdus, they began to flee, however, before they could, the hotel manager got into their room with Emma, who had made her way to Jonas. Jonas later explained that Emma had run away after showing her parents Gina's videos and they wouldn't listen to her. Emma and Dr. Hart seem to have bonded as they were seen sharing cookies and a lot of laughs. After Dr. Hart and Jonas were took Emma to a new undisclosed location, she posted a video sitting against a blank wall and telling us that her parents had put out an APB on her. Although she said very little, Jonas felt that her reference to fattigmann cookies tipped off Verdus and led them to ambush him and Dr. Hart. Days later, Emma posted another video expressing her concern for Sarah who had logged into the chat and said she belonged with the HoO. Emma, along with Jonas and Daniel, then followed Jennie to Mexico and rescued Sarah.

The Ceremony

Surprisingly, it turned out Dr. Hart had been working with the Order all along, in an attempt to capture Emma. Emma was kidnapped, and Dr. Hart claimed he had no other choice. A few days later, however, he was a lot colder about it, explaining in detail how he had struck a deal with the Order in order to save Gina - if he got Emma for the Ceremony, Gina wouldn't have to do it. Fighting against time once more, on the day of the ceremony, the TAAG was able to find Emma at William Porter's house, but Lucy managed to escape with her and brought her to Porter's house block. The group managed to locate her there at well, but for an unknown reason, Daniel left without her and took Gina instead. The reason for this became apparent when Dr. Hart started the Ceremony - seconds after it began, the Elder's heart failed and Dr. Hart helped Emma to escape, possibly dying in the process.

Etymology of Emma

Emma is a Germanic name. It comes from the word "erman" which means “whole” or “universal.”


Follow this link for theories about Emma.

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