Fight the Order to the Power of X

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Flock Video 0058
Fight the Order to the Power of X


Blogger ShepherdX
Date Posted April 11th, 2008
Description Go to to Fight The Order!
YouTube Tags "fight the order" "chosenflock" "lonelygirl15" "shepherdX"

Music Ambush by Kevin MacLeod
ShepherdX Credit Withheld
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Fight the Order to the Power of X is the fifty-eighth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the seventeenth video of Season 2.


ShepherdX: We hear whispers of a secret society called the Order. We brush it off as a bunch of eccentric old men with nothing better to do than perform a bunch of hokey rituals. But deep down, we all see the pink elephant in the room. It goes like this- The Order creates a dependency on oil, their politicians start a war, the price of oil skyrockets, oil companies make billions, the market collapses creating the need for new technology. A whole new industry is created - who do you think profits? I am but a shepherd, a finder of lost children, herding the weak through the valley of darkness. It's addition by subtraction. Every trait positive girl I take from you strengthens our numbers and shortens the days of an elder weakening yours. How do you fight the Order? You introduce an unknown into their perfect equation. The power of X.


  • This Video is an entry in the Fight the Order Contest.