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Episode 0009
Fortune Kooky

The moment you were born, a problem was solved

Blogger flowersonmyhat
Date Posted June 3rd, 2007
Description I got a really weird fortune in my cookie last night. What do you guys think?
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YouTube Tags flowersonmyhat allison fortune cookie grandma mom floor bedroom sleeping bag horses birth problem solved lonelygirl15
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Fortune Kooky is the ninth video in the flowersonmyhat series.


Allison: Hey guys. This is probably gonna be my last video in my room for a while because my grandma's coming to visit and suprise suprise, I get kicked out of my room, she gets my bed, and I get to sleep on the floor in my mom's room. Oh joy. (whispering) I cant wait. (in normal voice) But it should be okay. Our carpet's pretty soft and, I don't know, I have a sleeping bag, so I'll be fine, but, from now on my videos are probably gonna be in her room. So, anyway, today I was gonna talk about something really weird that happened last night. My mom and I were eating Chinese food for dinner because my grandma hates it, and it was kind of like a last time before she comes thing, and I got a really weird fortune. Now, I collect fortunes fron fortune cookies, and in the past I've gotten some that were pretty interesting, but nothing like this. I mean, in the past I've gotten (holds up fortune) "You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home." I don't know if I know any cultured and artistic people. Or "You will inherit some money or a small piece of land." That would be nice, but I don't know from whom. Or, one of my personal favorites, "You love sports, horses, and gambling but not to excess." How do you know, fortune cookie? I don't even like horses. I think they smell. How about that? Stupid cookie. Lately I've been getting a different style of fortune cookie, like "You should be able to undertake and complete anything you desire." Or, "Pain is not a bad thing; it is simply something one attmepts to avoid." Or even this one; it's very philisophical, "Liberty comes in obeying the laws of nature." But last night, I got what I think was the weirdest one I ever had. Listen to this: "The moment you were born, a problem was solved." Does that seem a little odd to anyone else? I mean, no pressure, right? What problem was solved simply by my birth? What do you guys think? I'll see you guys in my mom's bedroom. I gotta go clean the house now. Bye.


  • Allison is seen wearing a bandage on her arm.
  • This is the first video in which Allison's flowered hat is never seen.