Friends and other such novelties

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Episode 0011
Friends and other such novelties

Luca Friends.jpg
Friends?? What friends?

Blogger LucaSambuca87
Date Posted April 29th, 2007
Description You asked, I answered.
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 Luca blog college orphanage order tachyon brother new girl
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Friends and other such novelties is the eleventh video in the LucaSambuca87 video series.


Luca: (Waves) So, I've been getting more questions that you've all been leaving as comments for my videos. And, one of them is asking me how I got the camera. Um, and well, the webcam I bought on my own. I got graduation money from the orphanage. And um, so I bought it. And trust me. Neither Greenwood Home nor the University I'm at would be very happy if they knew that I was filming with a webcam and putting it on the internet. But I'm not really in a state of mind to listen to them right now. As for my other camera, the digital camera, I got it as a graduation gift from the orphanage. They give us all presents when we leave. Sending us off to the world, type things. And I've always been interested in photography, so there it was. And we also got, you know, birthday presents and everything. Usually it's simple things like books. A new dress or something would have been really fun. The digital camera was by far the best thing that I've ever gotten. The second part of the question was... it referred to the fact that I didn't seem to have any friends. It's mostly true. I mean, I had friends back at the orphanage. We bascially all grew up together, so we were more like my brothers and sisters than my friends. But, I don't keep in touch with them. It's hard... it's not like they're allowed to make phone calls. It's not like we were allowed to have cell phones back in the orphanage, so I haven't seen them since I left. And here at the school, there are people that I'm friendly with in my classes. But I wouldn't consider us friends. It's just everyone else that goes here seems to really like it here. They go to all their classes and go to all their meetings and the sessions we're required attend about... I'd rather not say right now. To be honest, I felt like I've been giving out too much information. I don't know. I'll tell you that I do know that the orphanage I was raised in and the school I'm going to now are part of the same organization. If you can even call it that. There's just certain things ways we were brought up, certain things we were told, ways we're supposed to act, things we're supposed to do and not do, say and not say. It's part of a bigger picture. And it's scary because I don't even know it. You know, most of my life, I've kind of pretended that it wasn't such a big thing, because I didn't really understand it. But now that it's me, being out on my own... trying to escape this thing that scares me. I feel like I need to know more. Everyone's been saying to watch these lonelygirl15 videos, and I think maybe I should. I don't know if I need anything they've got, but I'll finally take your advice.