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First Appearance Last Appearance
Spiders The one that got away
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube KateModernLG15
Bebo DeepGoat
Portrayed by Ralf Little
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Gavin Taylore is a part of the KateModern series. He is a director of the company he started with Tariq, is single (although has lately been seeing Charlie), and has no children. However, one day, he hopes to have sons. He lives in East London.

In The Prisoner, Steve suggested that Gavin was a member of the Hymn of One. Gavin later admitted that he had attended a Hymn of One meeting, but found it boring.

Gavin and Charlie got locked in his office together, and the two ended up having relations. They both appeared to move on though, Gavin hitting on girls with his catchphrase, "Keep Your Socks On!" and Charlie becoming obsessed with actor Shia LeBeouf. After Charlie went to the Grand Regency Hotel to meet Shia though, Gavin realized he had feelings for Charlie, and asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted. Despite Gavin and Charlie's new relationship, both seem to enjoy flirting with other people.


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