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HSAO Video
Gentle Response

So many gold stars!

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted October 5th, 2006
Description we apologize because we do not want to mislead.
YouTube Tags hsaonline hsa lonelygirl15
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A Gentle Response

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing responses to our group.

So many bright students with so many gold stars!

We will be in contact with you soon.

Unfortunately, we learned from a parent that the music on our previous video was an inappropriate musical selection.

We recently learned it was a Hochschild Magritte composition entitled "Suicide Sonata".

In NO WAY did we ever attempt to imply anything negative with this musical selection.

We included the selection because we found it soothing.

Our apologies go out to anyone who found this selection offensive.

We do not want to offend. We want to support. We want to enhance and enrich. Not mislead.

We want to help. We want to watch our students grow.


Sorry about the music. We will contact interested parties. Ms. Kelly is satisfied with the responses.

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe" can translate to

Nous apprecions votre amitie d'attention

pouvons etre amusement engageant votre esprit est etonnant pour observer

We are busy with discussion groups and planning next week's topics. We will be in touch soon.

We are eager.

We will begin soon. Stir a cheerless letter.


For gifted minds.

Home is the best institution for learning.

Welcome home.

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