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Grant Steinfeld, a.k.a. Bukanator was an early participant in Lonelygirl15, and shot some still photography of the filming of the first episodes of Lonelygirl15.

Steinfeld is a San Fransisco area software engineer who briefly played the role of Bukanator, who was a fictitious early fan on YouTube who supposedly started LonelyGirl's first fan site,

Dismissal from the project

In July 2006, Steinfeld was shut out of the project, but still had access to Bukanator's e-mail accounts. Without informing the creators of Lonelygirl15, he went to Candace Murphy, a reporter with Inside Bay Area, and told her that Lonelygirl15 was a production and encouraged her to hack into the Lonelygirl15 e-mail accounts to learn the identity of the creators.

He later told a different version of the story to Virginia Heffernan of the New York Times. Steinfeld claimed that he grew tired of running the site and dropped out of the project after fans discovered that the site had been registered before the first Lonelygirl15 video was posted on YouTube.

Some of Steinfeld's photography of the shooting of the early Lonelygirl15 episodes was published in the New York Times, and was briefly available on Steinfeld's personal web site. Because the terms of Steinfeld's Non-Disclosure Agreement are unknown, it is unclear if his release of the photography violated the NDA.


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