Harper's Globe

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Harper's Globe
Harper's Globe Actual Logo.jpg
Robin Melanie Merkosky
Production Crew
Producer Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Matt Seigel
Director Tony Valenzuela

Harper's Globe is an upcoming social show produced by EQAL and CBS. It is the online equivalent to the CBS television show, Harper's Island. Melanie Merkosky has already been confirmed for the cast. The show will last for sixteen weeks.

Harper's Globe will be the first EQAL show not to be a part of the LG15 Franchise, meaning it will not focus on the Order or trait positive girls.

The show will be following the story of Harper's Globe, a newspaper in conjunction with Harper's Island. The main character of the social show, who is also a minor character in the television series, will video blog about her experiences on Harper's Island along with interacting with the community about the mysteries that occur. The show will be premiering in March.

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