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Episode frankiswaking video 01
im awake

Come again?

Blogger frankiswaking
Date Posted October 7th, 2006
Description help me. what does she want.
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YouTube Tags help me it hurts
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im awake is the first video in the frankiswaking series.


(Various images that range from whiskey to Aleister Crowley are shown.)

Frank: I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting.

(Greek text is typed on a computer screen.)

Frank: MCMRH.

(More images flash, and morse code appears that reads "help me.")

Frank: (backwards) Help me. Help me. Help me. I'm still waiting.


The Greek text pictured here translates to the following:

              we watch and we wait
             will decide our fate
           the beast will rise
        louder are Cassie's Cries
            screaming from within
         the knife is reserved for sin.

This text confirms the "importance" of the date 10/12/06 as stated by cassieiswatching.

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