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The Osiris Agency was begun in order to help protect members of The Hymn of One whom remain innocent, and members of other ‘Thelemic’ organizations from the crossfire of The Iris Network. Begun by Agent Genocide in a fit of war, The Osiris Agency was born.

Due to a high demand for protection within the community; the Osiris Agency has become extremely popular. The Agency’s contributions have helped the Iris Network regain solidarity and support from many others which thus has helped recruit many new members.

The Osiris Agency protects the innocent at all costs even if this means sacrificing the organization itself. Suspicion has lead many to believe that Bree’s decision may have been influenced by The Agency and that she too, was a member.

The Osiris Agency works upon the teaching of Aleister Crowley, and features The Book of the Law as one of its prime teachings. The Agency also promotes the idea of true will.

A series of videos have been released, also, stating the reasoning of the Osiris Agency as well as relaying messages to the public about the organization.

The organization remains very mysterious, and has a strict recruitment method for members including a thorough application and interview session. Following this, if a member is selected; The Agency requires a ceremony in which the new member will participate. Although membership seems rather difficult, The Agency seems to be always accepting new members.

The Agency is the ‘second’ eye to the Iris Network organization and aids in many of their battles with the Order of Denderah. The name of the organization seems to be derived from the ideal held by that of Aleister Crowley and his Thelemic teachings of the aeons. The Osiris Agency is therefore named after the aeon of Osiris in which the unjust shall go against true will. The reasoning to which The Agency is called this is in opposition to this specific aeon and to promote the destruction of it as well.

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