Jesus is Watching

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Episode 57/3x021
Jesus is Watching

I was here

Blogger Marla
Date Posted February 28th, 2008
Length 2:31
Description What do I do now?
YouTube Tags maddisonatkins Mr. Dr. Arscott marla singer marlasinger Jesus is Watching Limepeng1
Marla Maya Kramer
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Jesus is Watching is the fifty-seventh video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twenty-first video of chapter three.


Marla: Thanks every body, for making the video. You did a really good job. I'm glad every body pulled together. (Marla shrugs) I don't know what to do next! I don't really know how long to wait before I track down doctor Arscott?...Or Mr. Arscott? Whatever he's called, and, uh, I dunno, waltz into his office and tell him to watch a YouTube video? "Hey Mr. Arscott, I am a random person. From the Interweb. You should watch this video! Right now!" (Marla gets up and grabs an action figure of Jesus, which says "John" several times.) So, Dr. Arscott...Hows it going? (As Mean Dr. Arscott) Who are you and what are you doing in my office?! Mr. Arscott, I just really think you should watch this. (Continuing “mean Dr. Arscott”) It’s Doctor Arscott. (Marla looks slightly sheepish) I’m really making Dr Arscott sound real mean. (Marla tries a different way) Um… Hi Dr. Arscott, how you doing? (As overly nice Dr. Arscott, with something of a southern accent) Ah well, I’m fine. How are you? (Marla makes a face, as if unsure how to react) Uh, I guess I’m ok. There’s this video you should see on youtube. It’s for you from some people who might be interested in hearing from. (overly nice Arscott) Oh well, I’ll take a look. It should be good. (Marla looks uneasy.) Alright, I’m just gonna go now…(Marla chuckles, cut to Marla closer to the camera, having put the Jesus figure down for now.)

LimePeng1, thanks for your video. You don’t sound like an asshole, you were just venting. You know how it is, but you better be careful what you say about me because if you say bad things Jesus is going to smote you. I mean your sick, but I’m just saying. It’s a sign, from God. (Marla brings a penguin drawing on a popscicle stick into camera view.) Hey there I’m LimePeng1, nononononononononononono…no….no…no. (number of no’s may not be accurate) I’m feeling good. (Marla starts bringing Jesus, facing the camera sideways into view) I’m ranting a little. You know, you know how things go, ranting at the camera. (Jesus is brought out of view) I’m not suspecting anything at all. (Marla brings the Jesus figure back into the picture suddenly and starts hitting the paper penguin. After several silent hits there come sound effects and smiting.) Kapow (hit) sickness (hit) children (hit) arrow'd (hit) smote (hit). (Cut to Marla further back slightly blurry, Jesus in the penguin in the foreground, using the super nice Arscott voice.) I know what you did I just can’t say it ‘cause I’m Jesus. (Marla starts to laugh and brings both Jesus and the Penguin out of view. Cut to Marla close to the camera.) Jesus is coming for you. (Cut to Marla back against the couch, slightly blurred again. Slowly Jesus is brought back into the shot, in focus, from the bottom of the screen. Whispered CiW style) I was here!