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Kala Katie Thyer
Alyssa June Waller
Zeth Matthew Waller
Jumatie Stephanie Halpin
Katherine Unknown

Jumatie is a unofficial spin-off to lonelygirl15.


This is a three episode web-series created by fans of lonelygirl15.

In the first episode, three siblings (also known as KAZ), Kala, Alyssa and Zeth are watching horror films in their new home. The girls get scared but Zeth laughes at their screaming and makes fun of them, Kala and Alyssa start hitting him with pillows, while this is happening we hear a voice saying "get out of my house" but only Kala can hear it. Later that night, Kala is having problems sleeping, the first episode ends with her screaming.

In the second episode, Kala tells her brother and sister about the dream, but they say that it was just a bad dream from watching horror films. Kala tells them that the dream was really wierd but realistic, and she thinks it because of the house that they live in. Alyssa and Zeth don't belive her untill Zeth sees a ball fly across the room. Alyssa somehow notices what happened and the episode ends with Kala saying that she knows who did it.

In the third episode, Zeth and Alyssa are still not quite convinced that their house is haunted. Kala explains to Zeth what the dream was about. We see the dream, it has a heartbeat in the backqround, we see a hand open a closet and we see a scary looking doll, the camera turns away and starts heading for the door very slowly, before it reaches there, the doll pops up on front of the camera and the dream ends. Alyssa loses interest and tries to sleep. The episode end with the Kala shouting "Oh my god, she's there" we see a scary looking girl and the lights start flickering.

A fourth episode was filmed and ready to upload but the the ending to the final season show was spoiled, and they haven't filmed any episodes since. Jumatie was revealed to be a trait positive girl who died during a ceremony. She want's Kala, Alyssa and Zeth to save her daughter from doing the ceremony. Jumatie's daughter, Katharine, who now lives with her dad, has no idea that her mother is dead. Jumatie wanted the siblings to tell Katharine and her father about her death. It was also revealed that Alyssa and Zeth can read each others mind's

From then on, the series would be Zeth, Alyssa and Kala protecting Katherine from the order, using the help of their supernatural gifts.

Character Descriptions

  • Kala - She can see spirits
  • Alyssa - Kala's sister and Zeth's twin sister
  • Zeth - Kala's brother and Alyssa's twin brother
  • Jumatie - The name of the spirit

Character accounts

All episodes are uploaded by matthew1st with alot of other video's that are not a part of the show. The official playlist was created by this user


  • The room in the first two episodes was the room in "Jeph"
  • The name "Jumatie" is the names of the cast combined into one word.
  • This show is not filmed in a blog format.

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