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This page is an attempt to track the relationships, crushes, and feelings of sexual tension between the characters of the KateModern series. For information on a specific relationship, click the navigation below.


Alice and Rupert


While going over the list of suspects in Kate's murder with her housemate, Sophie, Alice commented on the fact that she found Rupert cute and growled seductively when his name was mentioned. She then referred to Rupert as "sexy" when congratulating Julia on her wedding during her hen night.


Charlie and Gavin

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Keep your socks on!

The series started with Gavin and Charlie barely knowing each other, but in the video Office space Gavin showed that he is interested in Charlie by wanting to go to her birthday party. At Charlie's party, the pair flirted. In the video Birdwatching, Gavin and Charlie talk about Kate, and Gavin offers to help. He then gives her a kiss on the cheek and the video ends with Gavin getting a close-up of Charlie's behind. When Charlie and Gavin were locked up in Tariq and Gavin's office they made many videos, one of which showing that Charlie thinks Gavin is cute. That particular video ended with Gavin hugging Charlie as the two laughed. After Gavin convinced Steve not to press charges against Kate, Charlie decided to that he deserved a treat and asked him out to the cinema. In the most recent video False Alarm Charlie confesses that she and Gavin had sex. In the video she thought she was pregnant but ended up getting her period at the end of it, causing Gavin to freak out a bit.

Charlie then goes to see the movie Disturbia, and begins to get a crush on Shia LaBeouf. While comparing her feelings for Gavin and Shia, Charlie reveals parts of a private video that she and Gavin made, in which Gavin asks her to "keep [her] socks on." This embarrasses Gavin, who angrily heads out to a bar to pick up other girls. Upset by this, Charlie turns her full attention onto Shia, and heads to the Regency Grand Hotel to try and meet him. However, Gavin, having realized his feelings for Charlie, goes to stop her. He ends up asking her to be his girlfriend.

After Kate went off with Michelle Clore to study art, Charlie couldn't pay the rent for the flat that she used to live in with Kate. Gavin then rerented her old flat for the two of them to live in together. The arrangement started off nicely, but became strained after Lee stole the software for Gavin and Tariq's business. Charlie reluctantly helped Gavin decipher the clues to find the software (even kissing Lee to try to get it back).

After the software was lost, Gavin became reclusive and borderline insane and Charlie became frustrated with him to the point where she finally broke it off with him. Gavin posted a blog online asking for ideas on how to get Charlie back, expecting to receive numerous suggestions. Instead, everyone unanimously told him to take a shower and straighten out his life. He followed the advice and it worked for a short while until Charlie accused him of working with Terrence to steal the list of trait positive girls.

The two remained on rocky terms for a while, even though Gavin clearly still had feelings for Charlie. While Charlie tried to move on and find a new roommate, Gavin did everything he could to get himself back in Charlie's life. When Charlie's PR company hosted a tour for JustIncredible.TV, Gavin tagged along, in spite of the fact that he wasn't really needed, and did his best to room with Charlie at the hotel (to no avail). He lumbered on, feeling protective of Charlie, who allowed him to accompany her on her visit to Brighton Beach. The two had a fun day together, but it was cut short when Charlie spoke with Tim, Kate's ex, about her best friend's murder.

During the Precious Blood event, Gavin finally came clean to Charlie and admitted that he still had feelings for her. Charlie originally rejected him, but eventually she met up with him at the pub and agreed to consider giving their relationship another chance. Unfortunately the happiness between the two came to an abrupt end when Gavin found out that Charlie had hooked up with Steve.

Despite Charlie's new-found feelings for Steve, she became intoxicated at Julia's hen party and made out with Gavin.

Charlie and Jonas

Are you aware that I'm just using you?

Charlie has been in contact with Jonas since before the Jonas Conference Call. During Raise The Roof, when he was in town, Charlie used Jonas to make Steve jealous by making out with him in the bathroom.

Charlie and Kate

See Kate and Charlie

Charlie and Lee

Hahaha Gavin, look at me now!

In an attempt to recover Gavin's stolen software, in Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007 Charlie was forced to kiss Lee "for ten whole seconds", while Julia filmed in horror.

Charlie and Shia LaBeouf


Charlie began to have a massive crush on Shia LaBeouf after seeing the movie Disturbia with her friends. In one of her vlogs, she gushed "The best thing about him is that he's hot and he doesn't even know it." When Charlie found out that Shia would be in town, she headed off to the Regency Hotel to meet him. However, she was stopped by Gavin, who asked her to be his girlfriend, thus ending Charlie's obsession with Shia.

Charlie and Steve

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I'm starting to find the whole "Creepy" thing hot...

During Precious Blood: 7PM, Charlie and Steve recouped at Steve's flat after finding out who murdered Kate. Charlie apologized to Steve for calling him "creepy" and the two ended up kissing before turning off the camera. Shortly thereafter, Charlie posted a blog saying that she had always sort of known that something would eventually happen between herself and Steve.

Steve put the two on hiatus in order to fight the Order, which Charlie reluctantly went along with. When Jonas came over for a party, she decided to use him to make Steve jealous. Charlie has become increasingly frustrated by Steve's standoffish behaviour and recently drowned her sorrows in alcohol, ending up making out with Gavin.

Charlie and her exes

Charlie's exes disgust her.

In an attempt to warn Kate about the creepiness of Steve, Charlie reminisced about other creepy guys she knew in her past. She talks about Brad, who used to keep live snakes and feed them mice. She also talks about Peter, Bruce, Henry and his collection of female mannequins, Roger, the romantic, who was not particularly well endowed, and Donald, who she figures is best not to talk about on camera. After it was revealed that Charlie has a daughter named Kim, many have speculated that Donald may, in fact, be Kim's father.


Gavin and Charlie

See Charlie and Gavin

Gavin and Julia

What girlfriend?!

When Gavin first meets Julia, he attempts to flirt with her. Any chance he may have had, however, was foiled when Tariq reminded him that he was already involved with Charlie.

Gavin and Tariq

See Tariq and Gavin


Julia and Gavin

See Gavin and Julia

Julia and Rupert

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Join me in an eternal unity bond.

Julia first told the world about her new love interest in her video, Can You Keep a Secret? However, she would not reveal his name. A few weeks later, Charlie caught her in bed with Rupert Van Helden, and the two confirmed that they were seeing each other and very much in love. More recently, Rupert proposed to Julia, and they were "married" in a drama-filled Unity Bond Ceremony held at the Hymn of One headquarters.

Julia and Tariq

See Tariq and Julia


Kate and Charlie

Charlie and Kate make funny faces.

Kate and Charlie are flatmates. Charlie introduced Kate to her friends after they met. When Kate started hanging out with Steve, Charlie was very concerned and didn't want Kate spending time with him. Charlie was proven right when it turned out that Steve was lying to Kate about his amnesia and involved in the Hymn of One. Charlie has continued to prove herself a loyal friend to Kate by always being concerned for her, even when Kate assaulted Charlie and disappeared. Upon her return, Charlie welcomes her home with open arms.

Kate soon runs away again and Charlie finds her living on the streets. Although Charlie tries to keep a better eye on her friend, Kate takes off again, claiming that she has found her purpose. Charlie becomes upset and decides to leave for Australia. She returns quickly, though, after learning of Kate's untimely death.

Charlie continues to honor her friend after she's gone with a beautiful memorial service.

Kate and Steve

Well, he seems trustworthy...

Kate and Steve's relationship started off when Kate met him in a library after doing some research about her memory loss. He claimed to be there researching the same thing and told Kate that he can help her regain her memory. This new friendship made everyone close to Kate uneasy. It was later revealed that Steve is a member of the Hymn of One, this revelation lead Kate to assualt, tie up and interrogate Steve. During his interrogation, Steve reveals that he has been lying about his amnesia and his intentions. After being released, Steve threatened to go the police but Gavin was able to convince him not to. After Kate's disappearance Steve declared that he was concerned about Kate and wanted to help Charlie find her.

After an absence of two months, Steve revealed that he had been working undercover to gather enough evidence to convince Kate about the Order's true nature.

Kate and Tariq

Kate and Tariq enjoy themselves.

At the beginning of the KateModern storyline, Kate is dating Tariq. The two seem happy until Kate tells him that her name really isn't Kate. Kate then has some memory loss and seeks the help of Steve. Tariq is uneasy about the connection between Steve and Kate, and when he finds out that Steve is in the Hymn of One he becomes angry. Tariq then confronts and hits Steve, then storms off. After a small break from the group, Tariq reappeared at Carnaby Street, frantic and worried about Kate. Since that day, and the confirmation that Steve was not who he claimed to be, the two were closer than ever before.

Soon though, Kate started being stalked by a Watcher, which worried Tariq. His worry increased when Dudley came and left a secret message for her. He, Kate, and Charlie went to meet up with Dudley at a prearranged location, however, Kate asked him not to join them. She said that his "knight in shining armor crap" would get in the way. This upset Tariq greatly, causing him to break things off with Kate.

Kate and Tim

Kate's ex stomped on her heart.

According to her early art videos, Kate's ex, Tim, broke her heart. When Kate begins to have bad dreams, she goes to see her ex in order to make sense of them. This greatly upsets her current boyfriend, Tariq. After Kate goes to see a specialist about her abnormal blood and wakes up unable to remember anything, her friends believe that Kate may have restarted her relationship with her ex, in spite of her instances to the contrary. Kate's ex was quickly forgotten as soon as Steve appeared on the scene. However, he was brought up again as a possible suspect in Kate's murder after Charlie uncovered old footage that suggested that Kate was being stalked by him and was at serious risk (In the footage, she called the police when he was knocking at her door). This proved to be a false lead, as Kate's killer was revealed to be Terrence.


Lauren and her boyfriend

Of course he's real!

Lauren's boyfriend is first referenced in the video Golf Day Out, when her friends comment on how strange it is that they had never met him. Lee insinuates that Lauren's boyfriend does not truly exist, however, Lauren insists that he does and declares that she doesn't have to share every aspect of her life with her friends.

Lauren and Toe

Woops, slip of the camera.

Toe is behind the camera in Much, Much Worse, when Charlie and Lee meet up with Lauren after she had been missing for a while. Toe continually focuses the camera on certain "parts" of Lauren's anatomy, which greatly frustrates his brother Lee. Later, in Love on the 436, Lee insinuates that Toe only wants to travel with the group to France because he "fancies" Lauren, a suggestion at which Toe scoffs.


Lee and Charlie

See Charlie and Lee

Lee and Sophie

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Caught up in the moment?

During the treasure hunt to recover Gavin and Tariq's software, Sophie met Lee in the Waterloo Station. Lee claimed that Sophie was "so lovely", and was clearly taken with her. Later, Lee left flowers for her, which distracted her while a Watcher ran off with the next clue in the hunt.

For a long time, nothing more occurred between the two, but during the third live chat during the 12-in-12, Lee visited Sophie in her office. Both were visibly upset by the latest video and asked viewers for their help to solve the puzzle Terrence had uploaded to Charlie's Bebo. As viewers guessed at what the puzzle could mean, Lee hugged Sophie several times. Eventually, the puzzle was solved and Lee raced off to find Gavin, giving Sophie a passionate kiss before leaving.

The two do not appear to be dating, but Sophie referred to Lee as "darling" at a recent party, suggesting that they are growing close. The were later seen making out at Julia's hen party.


Rupert and Alice

See Alice and Rupert

Rupert and Julia

See Julia and Rupert


Sophie and Lee

See Lee and Sophie


Steve and Charlie

See Charlie and Steve

Steve and Kate

See Kate and Steve


Tariq and Gavin

Tariq and Gavin hard at work.

Tariq and Gavin are business partners and best friends. The series started off with the two starting up a business together. It is this business along with Kate and all of the drama that she is associated with that causes most of the disagreements between the pair, as Gavin thinks that he and Tariq should be focusing on their blossoming business, lest anyone beat them to the punch, instead of wasting time with Kate's "craziness". After Gavin's loyalty was put into doubt by Steve's comment, it was Tariq who found him hiding out in his sister's house. Tariq was also able to convince Gavin to do his part in helping Kate find out what happened with the specialist.

After Tariq and Gavin`s abuse of their trainee Lee, the theft of the software and the resulting treasure hunt for it, Tariq and Gavin's relationship changed completely. Both men blamed the other for the loss of the software, and Gavin has put Tariq on his hate-list. They were not on speaking terms for almost a month, reconciling in time for Christmas.

Tariq and Julia

Caught in the act.

Tariq and Julia meet in Orange Wednesday, when Gavin and Tariq go to the Orange Mobile shop, where Julia works. At first, she finds them bizarre because they are filming everything, but she comes around as she later goes out with Tariq. Tariq describes his relationship with Julia as "more relaxed than his relationship with Kate ever was." Since then, they have been seen going on multiple dates, becoming somewhat serious in their relationship.

Tariq trusts Julia enough to tell her his and Gavin's location while they are in hiding after Lee exposed their software for what it was. Julia helps Tariq when Lee begins leaving clues to where he hid the software, and is annoyed by Tariq and Gavin's inability to work together. On the last clue, Julia takes the initiative and she and Charlie go to get the last gnome themselves.

After the software is lost, Tariq deems Julia the one thing he's got going for him. They spend more time together and less time worrying about the order. During Christmastime they are seen decorating a tree together in Tariq's flat.

However, by New Years, the two had broken up. Julia ended things, telling Tariq that he "need[s] to learn when to let something go."

Tariq and Kate

See Kate and Tariq


Tim and Kate

See Kate and Tim


Toe and Lauren

See Lauren and Toe