KateModern Week 20 Recap

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Episode KM020
KateModern Week 20 Recap

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It's recap time, again!

Blogger Sophie
Date Posted December 9th, 2007
URL bebo.com
Length 9:57
Description Charlie's got some serious decisions to make, while Gavin seems to have lost his marbles. See it all in Week 20 of KateModern!
Location(s) Dr. Griffin's hideout, Gavin and Charlie's flat, Janet's house
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Recap
Music 'Pictures' by Sneaky Sound System and 'Circle' by Solace
Charlie Tara Rushton
Patricia T'Nia Miller
Dr. William Griffin Gene Foad
Dave Gavin Rowe
Gavin Ralf Little
Janet's dad Michael Sheldon
Terrence Matthew Gammie
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KateModern Week 20 Recap is the recap episode for week 20 for the KateModern video series.


(Various clips from KateModern are shown, with music playing in the background. The KateModern logo is eventually shown.)

Text: Monday

(Cut to edited video from The Confession.)

Text: Tuesday

(Cut to edited video from The Trains.)

Text: Wednesday

(Cut to edited video from From Above.)

Text: Thursday

(Cut to edited video from I'm not a lonelygirl.. am I?.)

Text: Friday

(Cut to edited video from Janet.)