Lekarz rodzinny

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Episode 8/1x008
Lekarz rodzinny

I love YouTube.

Date Posted February 11th, 2009
URL dailymotion.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 2:08
Description ...
Location(s) Ola & Daniel's apartment, Near Carnaby Street
YouTube Tags n1ckola
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Marcin Męczkowski
Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Kamil Przełęcki
Vidplay Jakub Kossakowski
Story Zdzisław Miśkiewicz
Music Paris Music
Ola Ania Narloch
Daniel Paweł Parczewski
Jeffrey Harris Terry Clark-Ward
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Lekarz rodzinny is the eighth video in the N1ckola video series. Loosely translated, the video title means "Family doctor".


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(All lines in this transcript were either originally in English or have been translated into English. N1ckola intro is shown. Daniel is shown playing Monopoly online wearing large headphones. Ola enters the apartment.)

Ola: Daniel! (Closes door and hangs up bag.) Daniel. (Hangs up her jacket and walks over to Daniel.) Has anyone called?

(Ola sits on Daniel's knee and takes off his headphones.)

Daniel: I did, I did. I fed Ramzes, I didn't forget!

Ola: (Laughing) Has anyone called? Have you heard anything?

Daniel: No, nobody called.

Ola: Okay then. (Kisses Daniel on the forehead and stands up, walking into the kitchen.) I'll see if you didn't gave him too much food this time!

(Daniel laughs and puts his headphones back on. Cut to Ola looking around the kitchen)

Ola: Ramzes! Ramzes! (Walks over and closes the balcony doors) It's cold.

(Ola locks the doors. She walks back into the living room and yanks off Daniel's headphones.)

Ola: Great you left the window open. The cat ran outside. (Walks Away.) Thanks "baby".

(Daniel stands up, puts his shoes on, and follows her outside. Cut to Ola walking outside of their building calling for Ramzes. Daniel runs out behind her.)

Daniel: I'm sorry. I don't know how this happened.

Ola: Sometimes you just need to think!

(Ola puts her hood up and walks away. Daniel stands for a moment then walks off in the opposite direction. Ola rounds a corner, calling for Ramzes, and passes Dr. Harris hiding behind the building. Ola freezes and turns around. Images of Dr. Harris at the Clinic then him grabbing Ola are flashed, followed by a shot of Ola staring at him off camera. Credits are then shown.)