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Re: The Stalker is Right Outside! Lost Video-7:45 PM
Character information
Age 18
MySpace lonefox101
YouTube lonefox101
Portrayed by Mitchell Wright

Lonefox101 is one of the more popular fanfic series within the LG15 World. [1]. The series is about a 17 year old agent named Ethan Fox, who has dedicated his life to fighting The Order.


Season One

Mission: Jack

Ethan posted his first few videos in January, trying to get Jack to help him fight The Order. Ethan is soon captured in a ransom from The Order, demanding Jack for Ethan. Ethan makes a narrow escape pretending to be in the Hymn of One. During this time, he reveals that he was an orphan, and adopted when he was 5 by the Wyman Foundation.

Mission: Tiffany

Ethan soon gave up on finding Jack, and turns his attention to the new trait positive girl: Tiffany. He kidnaps her, but soon gains her trust when she realizes he is only there to help. Ethan gets a call from a Wyman Foundation associate, Silver Viper, asking for Tiffany. While Ethan is making his decision, a trait positive girl named Annie posts a video saying that she has been captured by the Wyman Foundation, and Ethan should not hand over Tiffany. Ethan ignores her, and hands over Tiffany the next day.

Life After Tiffany

While Tiffany was with Ethan, he had taken some of her blood for research. Ethan decides to test his theory by injecting trait positive blood into someone that's not trait positive: himself. From this, Ethan receives a mysterious disease that seems to kill him. After an absence of two weeks, Ethan posts a video apologizing for scaring everyone, revealing that he just had the common cold. With nothing else to do, Ethan posts a few videos goofing off.

Messages from Tiffany

The fun soon ends when The Order posts a video revealing that they have Tiffany, and she is going to go through with The Ceremony. Ethan doesn't believe them, until he sees a video from Tiffany pleading for help. When Ethan doesn't find her at the Wyman Foundation, and sees a video from Tiffany being forced to say things from The Order, he decides to take drastic action.

Season One Finale: Genesis

When Ethan tracks down a potential location from Tiffany, all he finds is a scared woman named Emily. Emily reveals that Tiffany has already gone through with the Ceremony, and is dead. When Ethan decides to leave, Emily asks him to close his eyes, and she shoots him dead. But Ethan always finds a way of coming back...

Season Two

Avenging Ethan

Season Two kicks off with Ethan posting a delayed video, saying to keep fighting The Order. Ethan's best friend Jamie tries to locate Emily, but with no prevail. She seeks the help of her friend Gwen, who manages to crack the code to Ethan's safe. She locates Ethan's regeneration formula, and uses it to bring Ethan back to life. However this goes terribly awry. Ethan strangles both Gwen and Jamie to death, and posts the video under the name "Jason."

Ethan's Return

Ethan posts the next video voicing his confusion on the past few days. He claims he doesn't remember doing any of those things, and doesn't know who Jason is. He decides to look for clues at the house he was murdered, but just ends up in a fight with his murderer, Emily. Ethan then tries looking for clues at the place where he killed Jamie, and succeeds in finding a piece of Jason's hair. The DNA from the hair matches Ethan's completely.

Ethan the Elder?

Annie, the trait positive girl who had been captured by the Wyman Foundation a few months ago, has been captured again by The Order. She tells Ethan that the prophecy states the he is destined to become an Elder. Suprisingly, Ethan accepts when The Order tells him the truth behind Jason: Jason was an Elder for 50 years before the Order decided to brainwash him, and give him false memories of being someone else: Ethan. While Ethan is preparing to ascend to an Elder, he innocently asks Emily where they keep the trait positive girls. She realizes that he is not really trying to become an Elder, just to find information. He makes a narrow escape, with the help of an old friend: Tiffany, who is alive after all.

The End is Near...

Annie posts a video revealing that she is Emma's biological sister, and is going to do The Ceremony in place of Emma. What Annie does not know is that The Order does not have Emma, they are just telling her this so she will do the Ceremony. The next video is from an unlikely source: Ethan's online 13 year-old friend, Adam. Adam voices his support for Ethan, saying that he should stop being so stressed. Ethan is getting more worried by the day however, as Tiffany revealed that she has gone through 8 ceremonies, and is now Trait Negative. He also says that there is now a hit out on him and Tiffany. He fears the worst is yet to come.

Season Two Finale/Series Finale

Part One

The finale kicks off with Ethan giving Tiffany a bracelet, interrogating a Watcher that broke into his house, and finding out that Annie's ceremony is today. Ethan sets out to find her, but is struck with bad luck when his car breaks. He walks and tries hitchhiking, only to find out that the driver is in the Hymn of One, until he finally makes it, with the help of a code Annie posted on MySpace. When he gets to her location, he finds her dead, but not because of the Ceremony.

Part Two

Ethan tries to find a way home, but soon finds that Emily has posted a video showing that she's kidnapped Tiffany. Adam posts a video reminding Ethan that the bracelet he gave Tiffany is a tracking bracelet. Ethan hitches a ride in a woman's trunk, and finally gets there. Emily ties him up as well and sets a bomb to go off. Ethan, demonstrating his amazing skills as an Order fighter, unties them both and stops the bomb, just in time.

Part Three

Ethan gets a ride from a former associate, Silver Viper, who shows him a video from a resistance leader informing him of a powerful trait positive girl named Samantha, who Ethan needs to stop from causing any more damage. He gets to her location, and finds the building that she's located in. In this process, Ethan gets shot and starts suffering from blood loss. He manages to kill Samantha and makes it out to the street, where he dies. Tiffany is so distraught that she pushes Emily into a concrete wall, which destroyed the inhibitor chip which was implanted in her head by the Order. Tiffany later reveals she is moving away to hold up to Ethan's final request. A delayed video gets posted from Ethan, talking about his plans when all of this ends, not knowing that his life would end in a few hours, and saying his last goodbyes.


  • Ethan: A 17-year old orphan who has dedicated his life to fighting the Order.
  • Jason: A 58-year old Elder and cold-blooded killer, who was Ethan before he was brainwashed by the Order.
  • Tiffany: A trait-positive girl rescued by Ethan.
  • Annie: Another trait-positive girl who has been captured one too many times by the Order.
  • Emily: A woman working for the Order that Ethan has come across a few times.
  • Adam: A 13-year old kid genius who befriended Ethan on AIM.
  • Jamie: Ethan's best friend.
  • Gwen: One of Jamie's friends.
  • Samantha: An evil trait positive girl who Ethan is ordered to kill.
  • Jack: A teenager who claimed he could teleport. Ethan tried to locate him.
  • Silver Viper: A Wyman Foundation worker who took Tiffany back to the Order.
  • Resistance Leader: A mysterious leader of a resistance who contacts Ethan for help on destroying Samantha.
  • Blue Monkey: Ethan's blue stuffed monkey.