Long Overdue.

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Episode 59/3x023
Long Overdue.

Clara, If you open the door, I promise to never bother you again...

Blogger Marla
Date Posted April 9th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Length 3:18
Description I spent most of the day there - people kept looking at me, but that didn't stop me. Clearly.

Like I said, names, numbers, information. I'll talk more about it tomorrow. She didn't want to be on camera - I get that - so I didn't put her on camera. I'd done enough to annoy her as it was. But I got her out. So there.

Youtube was doing "maintenance" tonight - LAME - so the video is late.

Oh, and make fun of the way I say "subwoofer" and I'll fight you.

Less Than Three.

PS - Greg if you see this, I'm doing something. See?

YouTube Tags Clara Stokes Marla Singer Maddison Atkins amblyopianne marlasinger maddisonatkins domo arigato mr roboto
Marla Maya Kramer
Clara April Rickman
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Long Overdue. is the fifty-ninth video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the twenty-third video of chapter three. It serves as the series finale, as after this episode Maddison Atkins went on hiatus and never resumed production on this continuity - instead opting to reboot the series without any connection to Redearth88.


(Marla knocks on Clara's door)

Marla: (Makes roaring noise and marches on the lawn) I'm a big Clara monster I'm going to come get you! (Marla throws small rocks at the door) (sitting) I'm still out here! Just so you know! (Marla throws a bunch of rocks at the door at once) You know, desperate times call for desperate measures, and uh, this may just be one of those times. So (gets backpack) I have brought with me something that any good stalker would bring (digs through bag and pulls out a subwoofer) a subwoofer.

(Cut to Marla sitting on the steps reading a book as the subwoofer blasts music)

I'm not moving! Just going to keep going, I've got it on repeat! (Cut to Marla closer to the camera) I guess I kinda expected her to come out by now. That doesn't mean I'm going to give up though. I think I just need more annoying music. (Cut to Marla sitting on the steps and knocking on the door) I'm just going to continue! Have it your way! (Turns on the subwoofer and some sort of yodeling music begins blasting, and a music montage of various music commences) You know, Clara's not so bad. She's just going through a lot that's all. I can understand that. (Cut to Marla dancing and back) Clara! I can understand that! I get it! You're going through something! (Cut to Marla dancing and back) I get that! I get you! (Cut to Marla dancing and back) I promise if you open up the door... I will never bother you again! (Crosses fingers; Cut to Marla dancing and back) And all I need is some phone numbers, and addresses, and information, then I'll go away forever! (Makes air quotes)

(Cut to Marla dancing. Clara opens the door and kicks the subwoofer off the front stoop)

Clara: Hey, you know what, turn this shit off.

Marla: Hey! (Clara goes inside and slams the door) Hey! Clara! (Marla knocks on the door and enters the house)


  • Marla stated in the comments that the book she was reading was entitled "Brave New World" and that she "even read most of it to the door in a loud dramatic voice at one point, so now Clara's read a lot of it too."