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While she was alive, Maddison Atkins kept a journal detailing her life. These journals were kept private from her online friends for a long time, but have since been released through a series of puzzles by Marla. This article tracks the journal entries made public thus far.

March 17th, 2007

Christian Music?!! I learn something new everyday. Well, he's out. He was nice, and he seemed to be smart too. That's what gets me. How is somebody so smart willing to make such a finite statement about the afterlife. I mean, who can know really? He reminds me of Ned Flanders...only hot. Mild Heartbreak. Ugh!

Til tomorrow.

March 23rd, 2007

Mom called me back finally. New record! 3 weeks and 6 phone calls. Busy people. I wonder if it's going to have some sort of psychological effect on me. I hope not, I've loved my freedom and independence. I think it's made me resourceful and self sufficient. I'm not even sure I like them even. Ya know. I was thinking about it today before Broadcasting, and while I was walking past the new Student Center THAT'S STILL NOT OPEN, I overheard this girl nearby. Sorority to the nth degree. She was almost screaming in her cell phone and her sporty pony tail bounced with each new sentence. Maybe I need to be venting about my hate for the Greek Life. Anyway, she was talking to her Mom, telling her how awesome the new building looks and how awesome it's going to be when it finally opens, and how Hot it was that she had another three years of school to enjoy it. The the phone was obviously handed to her Dad because I had to watch the bobbing pony tail retell the entire awesome hot story. I couldn't imagine calling them with such a mundane detail as the new Student Center. They wouldn't care. They wouldn't be in the house at the same time to hand the phone off. Less they were sleeping, and calling them in the middle of the night is saved for emergencies only. learned that lesson. Yawn! Going to bed. Til tomorrow.

  • In the margin in blue ink and a different handwriting: Maddison, I'm so sorry.

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