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Maddison Atkins
First Appearance Last Appearance
What Happened Today Part 1 Storyteller
Character information
Age 19 (deceased)
Date of Birth October 9th, 1987
Date of Death April 29th, 2007
MySpace maddyatkins
Forum Posts maddison
YouTube maddisonatkins
Revver maddisonatkins
Portrayed by Faye Austin
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Maddison Atkins was a nineteen-year-old communications major in her freshman year at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. She was an only child, whose parents lived in Houston, Texas. To her knowledge, she was not adopted, however, there is speculation that her parents were not her biological ones.

Maddison's interests included music, which was often used as background music in her videos, and thriller movies with a theme of murder and violence. She had a crush on a boy in a local band. She wore very stylish clothes and did not drink or do drugs.

On April 11th, 2007, she received a mysterious message by a carrier pigeon. The message gave her an e-mail address and instructed her to log in immediately, saying that she would know the password. As the message said, she knew the password immediately.

In her inbox, Maddison found information for YouTube, Revver,, and MySpace accounts that had all been set up in her name the day before. She also found an e-mail from a "Mr. Zipp", apparently the same person who sent Maddison the message and set up the accounts. In the e-mail, he described himself as a "worried parent with certain people watching [his] every move who impose[d] severe restrictions on [his] interactions with [his] only child" and asked for her help to "save [his] child's life."

Maddison did as Zipp asked and immersed herself in the videos of the Breeniverse and the puzzles and codes that Mr. Zipp left. She wanted to save her own life, and hoped, that by reaching out to the community, she would gain enough exposure to scare off whomever was after her.

Unfortunately, she did not succeed in her goal. Maddison's enemies caught up to her and filmed her apartment on April 24th, 2007. After seeing the video Maddison and her friend Adam Wilmott fled the area to go to Adam's uncle's trailer, where Joel Frady was waiting for them.

Maddy and Adam were shot and killed in the video No More.

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