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- All pages on this encyclopedia are written from an all-knowing point of view. If you have not seen all episodes of a series yet, and don't want to see SPOILERS, do not read further.


Lonelygirl15 follows the story of a group of Los Angeles-based teenagers whose connection with a special girl suddenly makes them the target of a mysterious world-wide organization called "the Order". Desperate to survive and barely able to outrun their powerful enemy, they travel across the country, trying to find a way to save themselves and the lives of dozens of innocent girls threatened by the Order's so-called "Ceremony".

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Set in London, KateModern is the first official spin-off of Lonelygirl15. Sharing the LG15 Universe, KateModern follows the adventures of a group of London-dwelling 20-somethings, attempting to maintain normal lives while being pulled deep into a world filled with secret organizations, coded messages, and murder.

Welcome to LGPedia!

LGPedia was set up by the Creators of lonelygirl15 to give the fan community a place to collect information about the project, and it's been growing and prospering ever since. There are currently 3,320 pages in our database, and every day sees new additions, ranging from story-related articles such as detailed transcripts of each video, comprehensive pages on even the most minor characters and everything we know about the Hymn of One to a vast assortment of meta-information, like production credits, fan fiction and even a guide to the main site's features!

Due to its collaborative nature, there is no one webmaster of this encyclopedia - every user is welcome to add and correct information wherever possible, and we're glad about every help we can get. Especially our very latest addition, the "KMPedia", needs a lot of help now that KateModern is released and thriving. So don't be afraid to click the "edit" button when you see something that needs fixing, and don't be afraid to add new pages, either.

We hope you'll find what you're looking for, and will be glad to assist you should the need arise - just check out the help section to the left, and if that doesn't answer your questions, contact us directly.

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