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lonelygirl15 follows the story of Bree, a gifted young teenager with a trait that makes her too valuable for the wrong people. Starting out as a religious, home-schooled teen, things fall apart quickly, and she finds herself on the run from the police, religious fanatics and even her own parents. With nowhere to go and only a few friends to rely on, she starts a chaotic journey through California, always seeking for a way to end her struggle and bring down the Order for good.

Third Series

Blablabla this is where the third series will go, link colors and background might have to be changed.

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Set in London, KateModern will be the first official spin-off of Lonelygirl15. Sharing the LG15 Universe, KateModern will follow the yet-to-be-revealed adventures of Kate, Charlie, Gavin and Tariq, who, given the nature of their universe, will probably not only have to deal with everyday life problems, but might find themselves on the run from scary people as well.