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Episode 13/1x013

Ola will never know that I'm following her.

Date Posted February 18th, 2009
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:57
Description Proszę spróbować jeszcze raz
Location(s) Wrocław Bus Station
YouTube Tags n1ckola bartek mama telefon
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Marcin Męczkowski
Producer(s) Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried, Amanda Goodfried, and Kamil Przełęcki
Vidplay Jakub Kossakowski
Story Maura Ładosz
Music Paris Music / Vivart
Ola Ania Narloch
Woman 1 Elżbieta Adamska
Bartek Bartek Picher
Elżbieta Polak (voice) No Credit Given
Woman 2 No Credit Given
Woman 3 Ewelina Biedunkiewicz
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Mama is the thirteenth video in the N1ckola video series.


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(All lines in this transcript were either originally in English or have been translated into English. N1ckola intro is shown. Several shots of Ola playing with a silver ring inside a building are shown. Ola goes outside and takes out her phone and dials.)

Woman 1: Excuse me! (Ola looks up.) Do you have some money to lend? I can't afford my ticket.

Ola: (Shakes her head.) No, sorry, I don't.

(Woman 1 gives Ola a once over and walks away.)

Woman 1: Yeah, right.

(Zoom into Bartek watching Ola from behind a column. Then zoom back out to Ola holding the phone up to her ear. Her mother answers.)

Elżbieta Polak: Elżbieta Polak here. Yeah? Hallo? Hallo, who is this? I'm sorry, but I can't hear anything you should try calling again.

(Ola hangs up and glances around, failing to notice Bartek still watching her. Cut to Ola getting on a bus, then cut to her sitting down. Then cut to Bartek getting onto the bus as well. Cut to Ola looking out the window. She sees Woman 1 talking to another woman who appears to be a friend of hers. Cut briefly to Ola sitting on the bus. Cut to black, then a quick shot of Bartek running, trying to get off the bus. Credits are then shown.)