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Marbella was a popular user among the LG15 crowd that uploaded advice videos to Bree and Daniel. She also offered to help P. Monkey and the rest of Bree's stuffed friends with the new strenuous situations.


  1. To LG-15 Bree from Marbella
  2. Dr. Marbella's PSA: How To Remove Bugs from Stuffed Friends
  3. I Killed Cassie
  4. Daniel is TOO Sexy!
  5. Dr. Marbella's Advice to Bree
  6. Lonelygirl15 Psychosis
  7. Follow Me
  8. Blood is Love? [1][2]
  9. Dr. Marbella's Group Therapy with Stuffed Friends
  10. Session Two: Group Therapy with Stuffed Friends [3][4]
  11. No Asylum Word [5][6]
  12. Why Does Lucy Always Wear Sunglasses?
  13. Blood Angel [7][8]
  14. Emergency-Will Group Therapy End?
  15. Sing the "OOH" With Me! [9][10]
  16. The Flight [11][12]
  17. Come Back, Bree! [13] [14]
  18. Shout Outs to HOOBS!

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