Me, Mr skunk, Mrs bunny, and boys

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Episode 0015
Me, Mr skunk, Mrs bunny, and boys

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Linsy's got "the looks"

Blogger linsybeast
Date Posted May 21st, 2007
Description umm a sweeto peeto video about how lame i am..WATCH IT
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YouTube Tags linsybeast kelseygirl15 linsybeastt
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Me, Mr skunk, Mrs bunny, and boys is the fifteenth video in the Kelseygirl15 video series. Linsy makes a video with her stuffed friends.


(Shot in black and white.)

Linsy: Warning. This video was made because Linsy is lame. Part of this is not real, because Linsy will not do it. Just a little hint before you watch the video. Have fun, be safe.

(Shot in color.)

Linsy: So, hey. It's linsybeast here. I haven't really posted in a while, but I figure it's time to start now. Okay, suprising enough, I've kind of had a life lately. I don't know why, but I'm kind of weird. So, I've kind of been hung up on boys lately. I don't really know what to do. And I'm kind of shy around them. I don't really know what to say. I kind of... don't talk, I guess. So I thought today, I'd work out how to pick up a guy with you, because I mean, everyone needs to know how to do that, right?

(Cuts to Linsy modeling an outfit for the camera. It includes sunglasses and a yellow baseball cap.)

Linsy: If you ask me, this is probably the sexiest outfit in the world!

(She gives the camera the thumbs up, then cuts to her sitting in front of her window.)

Linsy: Now that we have "the looks" (oh yeah!), we need to work on the talking. So, we've got Mr. Skunk here and Mrs. Bunny. (She holds each of the stuffed animals up to the camera.) They're going to help us, you ready? So this is me? (Makes Mrs. Bunny hop across the camera.) Hop hop hop. And this is the guy. (Holds up Mr. Skunk.) And he should go, "Hey hottie, what's going on?" And then he'll go, "Merr." And I'll be like, "You're sexy." Because, that's what they are. And I'll be like, "ooh." And we'll be like... (Mimes the two stuffed animals kissing each other.) And I'll be a beauty. So, that's what's going to happen. Well, I hope it works. I'm not really sure if this whole (mimes the two stuffed animals kissing again) thing is going to happen. But, it's worth trying. I'll probably get Kelsey to be my wingman. Yeah. (Gives the camera two thumbs up.) Because, I'm kind of scared of people. But, so, I'll keep you posted. Maybe you'll even get to see it! That'd be funny. A world where Linsy's not a nerd. I don't think it's possible, really. Bye!