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Cassie Loretta Jacobs
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MessyNessy89 is a community series about Cassie and her younger sister Clytemnestra. They are hiding in New York after their parents died in a car accident.

Cast of characters

Clytemnestra "Nessy": Cassie's younger sister. She and her sister fled from their home in California after their parents died. In the process, she has become socially isolated at her new school, as she is unable to open up due to their fugitive status. She began posting videos after Cassie reached a low point in a depression she was suffering. With newfound access to the computer, Nessy discovers what the Hymn of One had done to Bree, and realizes that they were now after Cassie as well.

Cassie: An old friend of Bree's who is a synthetically-trait positive girl. She was friends with Bree until she stumbled upon her father's trait negative research. She has recently become the new target of the Hymn of One, though she is more informed than Bree ever was of what was going on. She had undergone testing from a Dr. Windham, who was unable to help her in any way. However, recent events suggest that she may not be as helpless or innocent as she seems.

Johnny: Nessy's ex-boyfriend and member of the Hymn of One. Johnny and Nessy's relationship ended after Nessy fled to New York. Johnny re-entered Nessy's life and helps Nessy find out where Cassie's Ceremony is going to take place. As a result of the investigation, Johnny has become skeptical of the Hymn of One's practices, and becomes alarmed when his younger sister is chosen for the Ceremony. He attempts to rescue her from the tragic fate, but loses his memories in the process.

Dr. Hughbert Windham: A Doctor, formerly of Verdus Pharmaceuticals who was treating Cassie's trait-positive side effects. He and Cassie met in a record store, and begin talking, later realizing that they are hiding from the same organization. He begins running tests in hopes that her health would improve, but only serve to deepen her depression. After months of testing, Dr. Windham falls in love with Cassie, but is unable to act on these feelings as he disappears soon after, leaving Cassie a note.

Phoebe: Johnny's little sister, and the next trait-positive girl in line for the Ceremony. Johnny attempts to save Phoebe, going as far as ignoring the Order's threats of killing Nessy instead. Phoebe and Johnny attempt to cross the border into Canada, and are located by the Order as a result. Phoebe ultimately decides to go along willingly in order to save her brother's life, and she dies giving her trait positive blood to Cassie.

Naomi: Johnny's twin sister who died during her ceremony at age 15. She was "eternally pure" and was supposed to be reincarnated in future trait positive girls who were destined to perform the Ceremony, but Johnny dismisses the theory, believing that his sister was murdered for her life-extending blood. It is later revealed that Cassie was the Elder who recieved her blood, though she was unaware of what she was doing at the time.

Mark: Nessy's New Crush. She describes him as cute, and the two plan to meet in the schoolyard during the afternoon. However, when Nessy arrives, she finds him dead and laying on the pavement, murdered by Members of the Order who then swoop in and hold Nessy hostage. Nessy is extremely upset, as he is the first friend she has met in months. Most of the other kids in school didn't want anything to do with her, but Mark was willing to be patient enough to try to get to know her.



Cassie sinks into a depression.

Nessy and Cassie are part of the Hymn of One, and Nessy says that Bree and Cassie stopped talking after she found Drew Avery's trait negative research. Cassie then slipped into odd sleeping patterns and became extremely moody and depressed after her parents' deaths.

Nessy began posting videos in late December of 2007. At the time, she wasn't aware that Bree had perished, and later posted a video expressing her sadness upon hearing about it.

On January 2, 2008 Nessy entered #Hymnofone chat and answered questions and discussing ways to help Cassie come out of her depression. (see Messynessy89 chat 01/02 full). Nessy then decided to follow her sister the next day. Cassie caught her and took her footage, and, strangely, gave it back to her edited so it could be posted on Youtube.

The edits in the video were clues that led to a blogspot page in the name of a Dr. Hughbert Windham. He posted a blog on the same day Nessy posted her first video saying:

 Cassie, if you're reading this, I must go away for a few days. I'll try to return by the weekend. Stay away from my house till
 then. Don't worry. Stay indoors. Eat well.
Yours truly,
Nessy and Johnny work to decipher Cassie's message.

He has not been heard from since. Earlier blogs reveal that Cassie's illness stikes remarkable resemblance to that suffered by artificially-trait-positive girls. It seems to have been confirmed, as Dr. Windham states he has to keep her "trait positive".

On his last blog, a user named "hymn" posted a comment with a link to a video that scared Nessy and Cassie into hiding. Nessy did some investigating in Dr. Windham's house and found a letter he had written explaining that he loved Cassie and that she is dying because she is synthetically-trait positive and is turning trait negative.

Soon After, Cassie disappeared. Nessy met with her ex-boyfriend Johnny, who she found out had come to New York with other Hymn of One members to partake in a Ceremony for Cassie. Through a series of Clues and Messages, she (with the help of the community) was able to determine where it would be.

Nessy went to the building and broke in through the basement window. Later that day, Nessy posted a video that showed Cassie lying down for the ceremony, as the sound of a heart monitor beeped and then went dead. This implied Cassie had died, and Nessy along with everyone else believed so.

Questions, Answers, and More Questions

"Live and Let Die." - The Hymn

However, a few days later, Nessy posted another video, which was a continuation of the ceremony, in which she saw Cassie walk out of the room after the Ceremony in top condition. Nessy stopped blogging for a few weeks afterwards. Cassie, however, posted a blog that used the quote: "though truth and falsehood be/Near twins, yet truth a little elder is."

After about a month of inactivity, Nessy posted a video she received via email from the Hymn of One. The footage contained pictures and video of Nessy and Cassie as Children, as well as of their parents' car after the accident that claimed both their lives. Nessy showed Cassie the footage, but she was unresponsive until a week later, where she informed Nessy that their parents didn't die by accident.

However, Cassie is unwilling to reveal much more than that, causing Nessy great frustration. She eventually posts a video telling Cassie to "cut the crap" and talk to her about everything that's happened. Cassie responded with a video anagram. The anagram translates to:

 Clytemnestra , Hush A bye
 Listen to a mad girls lullaby
 Two within me intertwine
 Soon to be joined by next in line
Nessy being held hostage by the Hymn of One.

Many take this to mean that Cassie is an Elder. A week later, Johnny sent Nessy a video explaining that his little sister, Phoebe, has been chosen to do the ceremony. The video, along with the anagram, seem to suggest that Cassie is an Elder. Nessy posts a response video, chastising Johnny for not answering his phone after asking for her help, and tells him to get Phoebe and go on the run. Nessy also mentions that she has met a boy, Mike, who she is infatuated with and the two plan to meet one afternoon at the schoolyard. However, upon arriving, Nessy finds him dead on the ground and she is abducted by the Order, and held hostage. In return, they want Phoebe to do the Ceremony, otherwise they'll kill her. In the video, Nessy confirms that Cassie was indeed an Elder.

Nessy sends a coded message in the video reading "Keep Her Safe, I Have a Plan". One morning, she sneaks out of her room to meet Cassie. Cassie led her sister to a dark, underground tunnel. While entering, they heard footsteps and Cassie left to investigate, leaving Nessy alone for a long period of time. Before she goes, she reveals that she is never getting out and that only Nessy could escape. Nessy is upset that Cassie can murder yound girls but doesn't have enough willpower to try to leave the Order. Nessy decides to leave, her inability to accept the Hymn of One trumping her desire to be with her sister. Right before she leaves, Cassie returns, and Nessy tries to convince her to escape as well. Casie says it isn't her choice, and that she has to stay, but doesn't specify why.

A Tragic Turn

Foreveryoung1012's MySpace profile picture.

After her escape, Nessy tries to convince herself that the reason Johnny didn't come to rescue her was because he got her message. She begins living at Dr. Windham's house, and admits it's a bit eerie, but she's experienced worse. She says that the recent developments of the TAAG are signaling her to go on the run, but she is too fed up to deal with it, and says that if the Order wants her, they can come get her, and she has a sneaking suspicion that they have lost interest in her.

Not long after, Nessy receives an email from Cassie containing a video file and the message: "Crack the code to find a special place of mine". the video contains footage of Cassie's videos, along with a poem. In Nessy's next video, Nessy talks about how she should handle the information that Cassie provided in her code. She goes on to identifies the poem in Cassie's video as "Goblin Market", the author having written several poems dedicated to her sister. The code inside the video led to Cassie's MySpace page with a single written blog on the account. The letter identifies that Cassie went through with the Ceremony without knowing what it was, and became dependent on trait positive blood as a result, finding this out later through Bree's father's research and Dr. Windham. She went to her parents, and the knowledge ended up getting them killed. Scared, she took Nessy and fled. She also reveals a troubling bit of news:

 I feel you have a right to know that we found Johnny and Phoebe. They were trying to get into Canada when they were captured. 
 Phoebe has already finished the Ceremony. That is two of Johnny's sisters whom I have personally murdered. The first, maybe, I 
 was naïve and innocent. But this was willing.
Johnny no longer remembers you, I'm afraid. I am not sure what they have planned for him. Please don't try to save him. He will not want your help. He is happily ignorant of the truth.

Nessy struggles with whether or not she should try to contact Johnny and tell him, but sees logic in Cassie's argument that he is better off not knowing.

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