Ninja Video by ElizKM86

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Episode 311/2x055
Ninja Video by ElizKM86

What film class?

Blogger Mallory
Date Posted October 7th, 2007
Forum 14407|3=lg15}}
Length 4:56
Description Thank you soooooo much for making all those great new Ninja Videos. There were 43 videos submitted!!!!!! We loved them all but could only choose one, so here it is.
Location(s) The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lonely girl daniel danielbeast ninja video eliz thanks everyone
Production Credits
Editor(s) ElizKM86
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
Mallory Carly Jones
Mark Joe Porter
Steve Charles Chen
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Ninja Video by ElizKM86 is the three-hundred eleventh video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the fifty-fifth video of season two. This video is a remix of My School Project, with an additional scene from the beginning of No More Lies. It is the result of Sarah's and Mallory's contest announced in Please Help, and was, as the title says, done by ElizKM86.


(Text on screen: "A DanielBeast Production".)

Female Child Voice: Everyone has secrets. They moved here tring to put their secrets behind them. They started new lives. They found homes, formed friendships...

(Text on screen "Dangerous Secrets".)

Female Child Voice: And began to live the quiet lives, they had always wanted. But there would always be a past they couldn't escape and it would always come looking for them.

(Sarah sits on her bed, next to a houseplant.)

Sarah: I'm trying to be more honest. You know, it's part of this whole "new leaf" thing that I'm turning over. (sighs) I'm a really good liar. But I'm finding that, uh, it just causes more problems than...anyway.

Mallory as Haley: So, that has like a lot of calories in it, Becca. I really don't think you should be putting that much cream cheese on your bagel. I mean if you really wanna be a cheerleader like me, I mean, you're really gonna have to watch your figure. I mean, A - nutrition is really important. And B - like you really need to start working on your exercising. I mean if you want to get a boyfriend like me... Brad. Like, you're really gonna have to work on that.

(Text on screen: "Meanwhile..." Ninjas sneak through the back yard and into the kitchen where they look around ready to attack.)

(Text on screen: "In the other room...")

Haley: even Brad and I have had conversations, because we know it's gonna be a really big distraction for some of the football players. I mean, honestly...

Sarah as Becca: I have a question for you. What do you think of deforestation in third world countries?

Haley: You know I think it's a really good thing. Because whenever you cut down trees, you create fabric and then the fabric can be used for our cheerleading uniforms. And we need new cheerleading uniforms!

(Text on screen: "2 Hours Later...")

Haley: Because I mean you know what? Then Brad and Johnny and Trevor out there are gonna see us and they're gonna see us cheering them on and they're gonna see how excited we are to be...

(Knock at door.)

Becca: Thank God. Get the door, go now, get the door.

Daniel as Ben: Oh, hey can I borrow some just sugar? Just a little sugar.

(Haley slams door in his face.)

Becca: Who was that?

Haley: Nobody.

Becca: (muttering) Rude... (opens door) Hi Ben.

Ben: Hi Becca. Just some sugar?

Becca: Yeah, come on in.

Ben: Okay.

Becca: I'm sorry...

Ben: Hi Haley.

(They stand in hall awkwardly then walk towards kitchen.)

Ben: Okay.... (high pitched scream) Ninjas!!

Haley: Ninjas??

Ben: Haley no.

Haley: (whimpering) Don't take me! Take the dork!

Ben: Haley no.

(Becca and Ben change clothes and attack and tie up the ninjas.)

Ben: Why are you here?

Ninja: We need the girl for our master.

Becca: (punching ninja) Wrong answer.

Ben: What do you mean for our master?

(Ninja head buts Ben who falls to the floor groaning. Ninjas set off smoke bomb and disappear.)

(Becca helps Ben off the floor. Ben bends Becca over and kisses her deeply. She smiles into his eyes.)

(Text on screen: "Their fight is only just begining.")

(Text on screen: "At least they can fight together...")


  • This is the first time a fan-made video was featured as an official "episode".
  • This video is the result of a request for help for Daniel from Mallory in the video Please Help.
  • This episode is pieced together from previous episodes. The beginning is from No More Lies, the rest is from My School Project.
  • Fans have speculated that technically Mallory has asked the fans to help Daniel cheat by making this video, as he will be submitting it to his professor as his own work.