On the Run

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Episode 29/1x029
On the Run

No one will talk to me... :(

Blogger Antonia
Date Posted May 4th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 4:37
Description We've been walking for days...
Location(s) Undisclosed Location
YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 The Last order hymn of one Sibylla Jayde Bray Chas Toni Mitch Leigh On the Run
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Antonia Samantha Carr
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On the Run is the twenty-ninth video in the LG15: The Last video series.


Antonia: I'm so scared right now. I don't know what to do. We've been walking for days. I don't even know where we're going. (Begins crying as she looks behind her.) We can't stop; we can never stop.

No one's speaking any more. Everyone's yelling. They're all about the traitor now: who's this, who's that. No one will talk to me. (Wipes her face.) Except for Bray. I don't know what I'd do without him.

How could anyone put cameras and watch someone like that? How did they know we were there? It's just sick! (Wipes her face.) It's absolutely sick. They saw everything. You saw everything!

This Sibylla person is just pure evil. She's manipulating us; toying with us. She's just... playing. It's like some sick, cruel game. I don't understand. If she knew where we were, why didn't she just take us? Kill us? Put us out of our misery? We were normal! We were happy. As normal as we could be...

We can't stop any more. There's nowhere safe. I just- I just wish this never happened. I've gotta get going. Please... watch after us? You're all we have left.

I just-- I really thought we were talking to you. Now I know there's nothing safe. Nothing is sacred any more. Not even our lives. I have to go. We have to keep moving. Please... I'll con- try and come back on. I don't know what else to do.