One missed call...

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Episode TFR
One missed call...

Everyone knows that Texas is really close to the ocean!

Blogger Randy
Date Posted July 29th, 2008
Description I got a voicemail. You guys have to help Jonas!
Location(s) Randy's house
YouTube Tags Bree Daniel Jonas Sarah Taylor Jennie The Ascention Order

Randy ThatFreakinRandy
Jonas (voice) Jackson Davis
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Directly after "Basement Captive"
Directly before "lonelygirl15 Season 3 Recap"

One missed call... is a video posted after Basement Captive, the five-hundred thirty-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It contains a canon voicemail from Jonas, which was recieved by Randy as a prize for winning a contest.


Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy. I have to make this video really quick but I just got this voicemail and well... (Pauses) Hear it for yourself.

(Cut to black screen with text captions)

Jonas: Hello? Hello! Can anybody hear me? Hello! My name- my name is Jonas and I- I'm being held captive... somewhere. This is not a joke! I'm being held captive by someone, I don't know where I am. I- I hear water! I don't- maybe it's the ocean? I don't know! I, uh, my name is Jonas and I'm being held. Help me, please! If anybody gets this, if anybody can hear me, help! Help me!

Automated Voice: End of message.

(Cut back to Randy)

Randy: Now, I can't make much from it, but I know all of you guys can help. Jonas said something about water, the ocean. Now last time we saw him he was in Lufkin. Now, Lufkin is really close to the coast, so I would recommend looking there first. You guys see what you think and contact the group. Now Jennie, Daniel, Sarah, if you guys are watching this you have to save Jonas. Now, I got this message not too long ago, so we know he's still alive. But, you have to work fast. You know the Order and they're not going to keep him alive for that long if you wait. Also, Jonas is too important to you guys. He's one of your best friends and if you don't hurry, you're going to lose him forever. I know what's going on now is tough, but just, for now, settle your differences until you save Jonas. I wasn't able to help. I couldn't answer my phone so this was all I could do. It's up to you guys to hurry up and get Jonas back. Time's running out.


  • While the video itself is not considered canon, the voicemail in the video is.
  • This video's title is a reference to the movie One Missed Call.
  • Lufkin is actually about a two and a half hours' drive from the ocean.