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HSAO Video 1-14
Open House

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Our students have responded to art.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted December 12th, 2006
Description Music by sansdolor (Every Man and Every Woman is a Star). Open House begins today. HSA is opening its doors to you. Come see what our gifted students have been exploring. See their thoughtful responses to art and technology; view our lessons from Bree; see students' original artwork. Our generous sponsors have allowed us the opportunity to continue providing our services to students at no cost. Visit us to see what HSA does best. Remember, education begins at home.
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Open House is the fourteenth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Announcement)

Open House


Come see what our kind of schooling can do.

Our current term focus:
Technology & Art

Our students have responded to art;

(Screenshot of the Assignment 1 responses page)

They have created art.

(Screenshot of the Registration Task page)

They have considered the positive and negative effects of technology.

(Screenshot of another responses page)

They have considered practical applications of technology on the lives of people in our continuing unit:

Lessons from Bree

(Screenshot of Lessons from Bree page)

How do we provide these educational services?

We receive generous funding from


What is this foundation?

TiKO Foundation connects grant-makers and nonprofit organizations with similar goals of improving communities through education.

Who are our grant-makers?

We are not sure. Many contributors wish to remain anonymous.

Their charitable support has allowed us to purchase necessary equipment,

(A hand picks up a telephone and dials a number)

expand our staff and provide our services at no fee.

(Two hands type on a keyboard)

How does it work?

The process for receiving support through TiKO is rigorous and competitive.

After a screening process to assess our mission, goals and educational record,

TiKO representatives discussed our proposal for funding.

(A group of people around a table talk, one person who has a notebook in front of them putting down a glass. Their faces are not shown.)

They viewed our online school.

(A man wearing glasses, his back to the camera, is shown working on a computer next to a window covered with blinds)

They considered the value of our program

(The people around a table from before are shown, this time with the camera focusing on the glass of water and a cup of pencils)

and how well it would meet the requirements for their sponsors.

(The people around the table are shown again, with the camera focusing on the gesturing hands)

There are minimal requirements for HSA to follow,

(The people around a table are shown as two of the people stand up and shake hands)

one such requirement includes providing access to our program.

Therefore, we open the doors of our school to you.

We are working hard to be ready for you.

(Two hands with long fingernails type on a keyboard, the colors inverted)

Come see what we do.

(Screenshots of the Assignment 1 responses page, the Registration task page, the different responses page, and the Lessons from Bree page all appear, one at a time. Then the same typing hands from before appear.)


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Announcement)

Our doors are open to you.

Come see what is inside.