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Emily, aka Paytotheorderofofof2, from her video "For My Whiney."

Paytotheorderofofof2 is a real video blogger named Emily whom Bree professes to admire in her first blog. Bree's first YouTube video, Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur was a tribute to her. Bree featured clips of Emily in her second video, YouTubers Secret Language, and mentioned her in her first video blog, First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails.

Emily, who is both Paytotheorderofofof and Paytotheorderofofof2, was one of YouTube's most popular users when Bree began mentioning her and including her name in her YouTube Tags. This is a now common technique for new users to attract people to their videos: to piggyback off the success of other users. Ironically, many users now use this technique by including video tags such as "lonelygirl15" and "danielbeast".

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