YouTubers Secret Language

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Episode LG15002
YouTubers Secret Language

Bree's all about asking the tough questions.

Blogger Bree
Date Posted May 26th, 2006
Length 0:53
Description I love all you guys, but sometimes I have NOOOO idea what you are saying. So, I thought I'd try to translate it myself :)
YouTube Tags paytotheorderofofof thewinekone gestures filthywhore kaiserro11 brookers scream0 sexxiebebe23 morbeck love bowiechick
Music More Than Words by Frankie J
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YouTubers Secret Language is the second video posted on YouTube by lonelygirl15. The video refers to many popular YouTube users at the time. The video is not technically a blog, because it was edited from other users' material and was made before Bree had a webcam.


(This entire video is dispersed of clips taken from other popular bloggers' footage and all of the text is yellow captions at the bottom of the screen. Music is playing.)

(Black background, white text.)

Text: Do YouTubers have a secret language?

(Cut to footage of thewinekone and other bloggers.)

Text: What could they be saying?

(Cut to footage of paytotheorderofofof2.)

Caption: blah blah winekone blah blah

(Cut to footage of thewinekone.)

Caption: judo CHOP!!!

(Cut to more footage of paytotheorderofofof2.)

Caption: blah blah scream0 blah blah

(Cut to footage of scream0.)

Caption: i'm soooo dreamy :)

(Cut to more footage of paytotheorderofofof2.)

Caption: blah blah kaiserro11 blah blah

(Cut to various clips of kaiserro11.)

Caption: pull down on the cow's udder... (Cut.) stroke and repeat... (The same clip is played.) stroke and repeat...

(Cut to various clips of a YouTuber who appears to be pulling her hair out and then biting her fingernails frantically.)

Caption: i think i'm going craaazy

(Cut to footage of another YouTuber.)

Caption: Ummmm..

(The YouTuber moves her hands as if to say "and...?")

Caption: are!

(Cut to footage of a YouTuber clawing like a cat.)

Caption: (not gonna go there)

(Cut to footage of Brookers)

Caption: ???????

(Cut to a YouTuber jumping up and down.)

Caption: i LOVE backgammon!!! (Cut.) No... I REALLY love it!!!

(Cut to another YouTuber pointing at her face.)

Caption: my boyfriend has alotta zits...

(The YouTuber moves her fingers to indicate smallness.)

Caption: and a REALLY small...

(Cut to black. White text.)

Text: Or maybe they were saying something else? What do you think?

(Music ends.)