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There have been a number of details that have happened in the Breeniverse that some fans view as mistakes on the part of the Creators. Here is a list of them, and suggested or actual resolutions.

Infinite clothes

Why do the characters, no matter how long they're on the run or how homeless they are, always have an infinite amount of fresh clothes with them?

Possible solution: When Bree and Daniel first went on the run from the Order in On The Run, they took Daniel's car. Bree could have stored clothes in Daniel's car. Later, in Homeless, when they had to ditch Daniel's car due to a tracking device that Tachyon told them about, they went to Jonas's house. Jonas, a rich guy, probably bought a lot of clothes for Bree and Daniel, and they stored some of them in Jonas's car when they had to leave Jonas's house.

No mention of the Gilmans

If Bree and her father were going to go see Isaac and Spencer Gilman, why didn't Bree say anything to Jonas or Daniel later?

Possible solution: Even though her father said "let me talk to Bree" when asked if he could meet Isaac Gilman, it is possible he didn't mention they were going to meet somebody, or who exactly.

No mention of later injections

In order to speak to Bree about meeting Isaac Gilman, Bree must've been next to Drew Avery during his phone call. This means she heard the words "final injection". She also knew that her father was against her doing the Ceremony, so it was unlikely the injections were preperation for it. Why didn't she mention any of this to Daniel or Jonas?

Contradicting accounts of Cassie's departure

How come Bree says at one point that Cassie stopped talking to her because Bree's religion freaked her out, but says in a later video that they haven't seen each other since Bree took the blame for Cassie's prank phone calls?

Possible Solution: Bree may have confronted Cassie about taking the blame for the prank calls, Cassie then may have got defensive and said something that insulted Bree's religion, mentioning that it "freaked" her out. After that the two may have eventually stopped talking.

Invisible money

How does Jonas finance their adventures without leaving a trail for the Order to follow when he uses ATM's and such?

Possible solution: He doesn't. It has been suggested this is how the Order keeps finding them - although one should keep in mind that there were always other reasons presented in the series, such as bugged cars, traced cellphones or treasonous aunts.

Gemma's warning about Watchers

Why did Gemma warn Bree about the Watchers, especially if they were working for the Order?

Possible solution: Watchers are assigned to protect Bree, no matter from whom. Gemma was working for OP APHID, a more radical wing of the Order; if APHID has/had similar goals like the faction that sent the Shadow in Subjects Apprehended, it is possible the Watchers would've been an obstacle had they tried to take Bree by force. Telling Bree the Watchers are evil, while they are in fact protecting her, was an easy way of separating Bree and the Watchers.

Possible solution 2: Another possibility is that Gemma ventured a minor information to gain Bree's trust, in order to have a better chance of influencing her later.

Possible solution 3: In addition, there is the possibility that Gemma wasn't originally evil, but was found and turned later. This, however, is improbable, given that Tachyon said Gemma had tried to kill Brother months before the events of lonelygirl15.

Bree Has A Cell Phone

How is it possible for Bree to have a cell phone? Who has been paying for it all these months her parents been gone?

Possible solution: It's plausible that Jonas has been paying for her cell phone bill.

Missing Watchers for Jules

Why weren't there Watchers to protect Jules?

Possible solution: The obvious answer to this is that she is trait negative, and thus not a ceremony girl - but: She was supposed to work as bait for Bree and the others, so shouldn't she have gotten Watchers just to look like a ceremony girl?

Possible solution 2: On the other hand, some people argue that the presence of Watchers might have scared BDJ off, and that this would've been contrary to the Order's plans, which is why they didn't position any obvious Watchers.

The forgotten parents

What is Daniel doing about his parents? They can't possibly believe that he's still camping, can they?

Possible Solution: Daniel said in one of his videos that his parents "weren't exactly the 'hands-on' type." It is possible that his parents don't care where he is. There is also some evidence that Daniel has a history of alcoholism, which may speak volumes about his family life. Also, Daniel talks more about his parents and his relationship with his grandmother in the video Comfort Food.

Possible Soultion 2: The characters don't include every last detail of their lives in these videos. It's possible that Daniel has been calling his parents to keep them up to date on where he is, but he didn't think it was important enough to mention on camera.

Contradicting accounts on whether the Order watches videos

In "Mystery Movies", we find out that Bree's dad must be watching her videos, and we know from the video "Me For Daniel" that the Order is watching Bree's videos- but later, in one of Nikki B.'s videos, we find out that the Order doesn't watch her videos - why?
Solution: This is called a "retcon", which stands for Retroactive continuity. Put bluntly, it is a deliberate continuity error in order to change information that was previously given. Basically, the Creators didn't like the fact that the Order sees the videos anymore, so they simply said it doesn't - no matter if it makes sense or not.
Solution: This could also be explained if Bree contacted Lucy herself, and simply posted the video for people to know what was going on.

Illogical Ceremony date hints

Why would Bree hint that the Ceremony would take place on 10/12/06 when it was only a false Ceremony that hadn't been planned yet (we know this because Bree says that it wasn't planned until after the people helping her prepare found out Daniel was filming them)? Also, why did she have to lie to her parents about when the Ceremony took place?
Solution: This was most likely not a clue planted by Bree, but the Creators. Something for US to find out.

Counterproductive fearmongering

If Gemma really thought Bree should do the Ceremony, why did she scare her by saying that after the Ceremony, the family she told about disappeared?

Solution: This might have been meant as a tool not to scare her away from the Ceremony, but to scare her into it: "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Bree's "Sacrifice"

In her last message, Bree said she gave herself up so the order would stop going after her friends and endanger their lives, but in the very same message she asks her friends to help other ceremony girls and fight to bring down the order, thus putting their lives at risk once again and making her sacrifice completely redundant.

Solution: By sacrificing her self, Bree made it so that her friends were no longer targets of the Order. Obviously she could not have anticipated that Emma existed, let alone that she was trait positive. But between Bree's death and Home Invasion, TAAG was completely safe from the Order.

LaRezisto image puzzle

  1. LaRezisto uploaded the pictures to Flickr, telling us in the video "[...] Only the following could be removed at this point. watch closely. somewhere in these images is our girl.".
  2. Among the images was one painting of a girl with flowers, tagged "8-30-07"
  3. On August 30, 2007, LaRezisto uploaded a new image to the Flickr account, eventually removing all others, showing Emma and some flowers, captioned "next".
That raises the question: If the images originally uploaded supposedly were the only ones LaRezisto got off the disk, how come he/they not only knew in advance they'd upload a new picture on August 30, but actually knew it'd show the new girl with flowers? The fact that they knew they'd upload a new picture on August 30 is questionable enough. The fact that they knew it'd be of the new girl is ridiculous already. But that they knew it'd be the girl and flowers is only plausible if they knew they picture already - which makes the entire puzzle an illogical mess. Had they known the identity of the girl and wanted to broadcast it publically, there'd have been no reason to hide the image among the others themselves, so it was not LaRezisto who hid the image. However, if The Order hid the image, and LaRezisto already found it, there'd have been no reason to have us look for it again. And if The Order hid the image, and LaRezisto didn't find it, there is no way they could've known its content and the upload date in advance.

Solution: As we now know LaRezisto was Claire, who working for a rogue elder, and it's entirely plausible she already knew what the picture was and the entire puzzle was for the benefit of TAAG to make it seem more authentic.

Sarah Getting Away With Jonas

If Sarah was revealed to be a part of the Order, then why would the employee from LifesBlood Labs let her get away with Jonas?

Possible Solution: It's always possible Sarah told the employee she was working with LBL, and not the Order.

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