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Proving Science Wrong is a collection of several Lonelygirl15 videos in which Bree debunks various scientific theories in a satirical / dadaist fashion.

The PSW videos

Bree proves that Daniel wouldn't have been a very good Neanderthal.
  1. Proving Science Wrong!
  2. Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15
  3. The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel)
  4. Daniel The Neanderthal
  5. Proving Longitude Wrong

Other scientific videos

In a number of videos, Bree also shares information from her research, or tells intellectual stories about academic topics.

PSW by Friends


  • Bree never technically proves any scientific principal wrong, but in some of the PSW videos, she doesn't even seem to fake it.
  • It would seem odd that Bree is fixated on the idea of proving science wrong when many of her heroes seem to be scientists, but by never actually disproving anything, she indirectly helps confirm it.
  • Jonas seems to be very interested in the Proving Science Wrong series, but Bree hasn't made any since long before she and Daniel met Jonas. However, some of Jonas's video's titles are references to Proving Science Wrong.
  • Jonas gave Bree some National Geographic magazines for Christmas so that she would have some new material for "Proving Science Wrong," but she has yet to utilize the new material. Bree specifically mentioned Egypt (on the cover of the top magazine) and that she had never used Geography for PSW, but that it can probably be proven wrong like anything else.
  • Taylor seems to be parodying the PSW series when she implies that she is starting the "De-constructing Jonas" series.