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Roommate may refer to:

LG15 Universe

  • Gemma's flatmate, the roommate of Gemma in lonelygirl15
  • Emma's roommate, the boarding school roommate of Emma in lonelygirl15
  • Charlie, the roommate of Kate & others in KateModern
  • Kate, a roommate of Charlie in KateModern
  • Gavin, a roommate of Charlie in KateModern
  • Kyle, a roommate of Charlie in KateModern
  • Lee, the roommate of Charlie and Lauren in KateModern
  • Lauren, the roommate of Charlie and Lee in KateModern
  • Alice, the roommate of Sophie in KateModern
  • Sophie, the roommate of Alice in KateModern
  • Daniel, the roommate of Ola in N1ckola
  • Ola, the roommate of Daniel in N1ckola
  • Natan, the roommate of Kama and Justyna in N1ckola
  • Kama, the roommate of Justyna and Natan in N1ckola
  • Justyna, the roommate of Natan and Kama in N1ckola
  • Xavier, the former roommate of Jayde in LG15: The Last
  • Jayde, the former roommate of Xavier in LG15: The Last

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