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silent all these
happiness is a warm gun
Person information
Age 30
YouTube sarahsnotebook
Revver sarahsnotebook

sarahsnotebook is a YouTube user who claims to have been raised in the Order. She is 30 years old and has been on the run since she was 15. It was then, she claims, that she completed The Ceremony Bree was being prepared for early in the lonelygirl15 story arc. However, she remembers next to nothing about the ceremony itself, though it clearly traumatized her, as one can see in the videos bad dreams and falling into place. In the video discharged, Sarah reveals that she was recently hospitalized due to a seizure so violent it caused her to slam the back of her head into the floor--she sustained a concussion. She believes that the drug Erythropoietin (brand name Epogen, the one believed to be the drug given in Bree's injections) is responsible for her seizure and that she received it in the injections she was given when preparing for her ceremony in 1992.

In May of 2007, someone began posting videos to an account under the name Trademark92. They showed Sarah being followed and someone breaking into her house. Addmusic3039 managed to intercept communications between Trademark92 and his superior, and took that opportunity to warn Sarah that her house was under surveillance. Sarah disconnected the cameras and waited. Soon after that, the person behind Trademark92 broke into Sarah's house, attempting to kill her. Sarah managed to get the upper hand and dropped the unfortunate Trademark92 off in the west Texas desert, leaving him for dead. Sarah returned home. She began sleepwalking and has become more and more fearful. She has been in and out of communication with the YouTube community due to work-related travel and efforts to find out more about her past from her one remaining family member.

Sarah's YouTube account was hacked by an unknown person in August of 2007. All of her videos were deleted and replaced with one made by the hacker: R in VERITY. Unnerved, Sarah decided not to put her old videos back up, except for the tribute she made for Bree: (sweet good night)

Sarah also posts bits of research in her blog: sarahsrednotebook at blogspot.

List of videos

  • silent all these
  • keep on moving
  • bad dreams
  • decision machine
  • interrogation station
  • falling into place
  • discharged
  • i just love being jarred awake at 3am
  • the opaphid oubliette
  • desperate times/desperate measures
  • in her wake, a holocaust
  • heed this warning
  • not dreaming
  • queen of the night
  • shoutout
  • sleepwalk
  • requiem
  • radio silence
  • trademark92?
  • goodbye for now
  • was it me, was it you?
  • sax and violins
  • devil got me
  • email questions
  • R in VERITY
  • repost: sweet good night
  • happiness is a warm gun