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Episode 0001

Flowersonmyhat School.jpg
This is my flowered hat!

Blogger Flowersonmyhat
Date Posted April 21st, 2007
Description All about my school, and computers. You guys will probably think this is boring. Oh well!
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YouTube Tags flowered hat allison school argenteum astrum computers latin
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School is the first video in the flowersonmyhat video series.


Allison: Hi. I'm Allison, and this is my flowered hat (Points). Um, I pretty much wear it all the time, except when I'm at school. Let's see. What else can I tell you? Um, I dunno. Since I just said school, I guess I'll talk about school. I go to the Argenteum Astrum Academy. I know what you're thinking... AAA... Triple A.... ahhhhh. Yeah, we all make fun of it too. My classmates and I. It is a funny name, but really, it's a pretty normal school. I mean we take all the regular classes... history... English... math... science. The only real difference is that we have to take Philosophy and Greek and Latin besides. And then at the end, there's this really hard test before we can be... (cuts off)

Allison: I like it there mostly. The kids are nice. I don't know. I just don't like the same things that they do. I'm really into computers, but they all just use them for homework. Boring! I mean, I like learning, but there's just so much more to life than school. But, nobody else seems to think so. Come to think of it, our school doesn't even have computer classes. Weird. Anyway, that's why I made this blog. Where can you find more computer geeks than on the internet? (Pushes glasses up nose) Just kidding. I wanted to see if there was anyone else out there who likes computer and understands Latin, like me.

Text on Screen: Figure it out (it's my school's motto): Diligo est lex diligo sub mos.

Allison: Bye!


In the comments for this video, Allison reveals that the Latin means "Love is the law, love under will".