Scouting For Boys

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Episode 198/2x043
Scouting For Boys

I'm their biggest fan!

Blogger Charlie
Date Posted March 9th, 2008
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Length 9:34
Description Today was the best day of Lee's life, and probably one of my worst!
Location(s) BBC Radio 1 Studio
YouTube Tags KateModern LG15 lonelygirl15 Charlie radio1 westwood bbc switch grimshaw scouting for girls grimmy elvis
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
Co-Executive Producer(s) Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
Series Producer(s) Pete Gibbons
Line Producer Kelly Brett
Production Co-Ordinator Claire Finbow
Interactive Co-ordinator(s) Jonathan Almond
Production Runner(s) Meryl Iona Edwards
Director(s) Luke Hyams
Head Writer Luke Hyams
Vidplay Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Story Luke Hyams, Neil Mossey, and Lawrence Tallis
Editor(s) Yusuf Pirhasan
Charlie Tara Rushton
Lee Sam Donovan
Doorman Richard Perry
Megan Megan Carver
Nick Grimshaw Nick Grimshaw
Scouting for Girls Scouting for Girls
Tim Westwood Tim Westwood
DJ Dre DJ Dre
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Scouting For Boys is the one-hundred ninety-eighth webisode in the KateModern video series. It is also the forty-third video of season two. The episode was incorrectly uploaded to Bebo as "Scouting for Boys".


(Charlie is in her car, driving to the BBC radio station.)

Charlie: Oh my god, I am in so much trouble right now. Okay. Oh my god, left. I'm so late for work and I couldn't sleep last night because all the sleep that I had was littered with bloody nightmares. (Brakes suddenly.) Oh! Sorry! Oh, shit. (Puts on the turn signal.) Oh. Gotta do my makeup. Okay, thank you. Oh my gosh. (Turns and the sun is in her face.)

You know, that whole thing with Steve the other night has really freaked me out. I can't even see where I'm driving. If he ever comes around to my place again, I'm gonna call the cops so fast he's not gonna know what hit him. You've got that, Steve? Never again! Okay? Thank god he doesn't know where I live now; I am intent on keeping it that way.

Okay, here I am. Shit, shit, shit. Park car. (Gets out of the car.) Shit-shit-shit-shit.

Lee: Charlie? Charlie!

(Charlie turns around to see Lee approaching, dressed like Elvis with a home-made Scouting For Girls shirt.)

Charlie: Um... Yeah, what the hell are you doing here? W-What are you wearing?

Lee: Oh, g- I- Oh, I made it meself. Do you like it?

Charlie: Yeah, it's beautiful. U-um, what are you doing here?

Lee: Oh, ju-just passing. Oh, what a coincidence!

Charlie: Yeah, yeah, sure you are. I really don't have time for this right now, Lee. No, seriously.

Lee: Yes, well, while I'm here, I may as well just give you a hand. What do you think? Okay, I'll come in.

Charlie: No, I've got it; really.

Doorman: Afternoon, I.D. please.

Charlie: Hi. Yep, sure. One sec.

Doorman: Thank you.

Charlie: Um... (Pans down to the doorman's hand as she searches for her pass.) Here you go.

Doorman: Thanks alot.

Charlie: Sorry. Thanks for that.

Doorman: That's fine. Thank you.

Charlie: Excellent. Thank you. Thanks.

Doorman: I.D.?

Lee: Um, I haven't- Uh, Ch-Charlie? Charlie!

Charlie: Um... Uh, ye-

Doorman: I need to see some I.D...

Charlie: Yeah, he's with me.

(Cut to Lee and Charlie running down the stairs to the studio.)

Lee: Yes!

(They come up to the door for the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.)

Lee: Oh!

Charlie: Come on, Lee.

Lee: It's the Live Lounge!

Charlie: Yeah, I know, just chill out.

Lee: We're in the Live Lounge!

Charlie: Just chill out. Just chill out, okay?

Lee: I'm relaxed. I'm relaxed. I know.

Megan: Charlie!

Charlie: Oh, Megan!

Megan: Charlie! Hey, how are you?

Charlie: Hi. Oh my god, I've been looking all over for you.

Megan: Yeah, we-we've literally - watch working - we've got ten minutes.

Charlie: Yeah-yeah-yeah, I know, know. I'm- I'm really sorry. Where are they?

Megan: Who?

Charlie: Uh, the band...

Megan: Um... You were supposed to be bringing them here.

Charlie: They just called me. They called me ten minutes ago and said the taxi'd already dropped them here.

Megan: Well they're not here, and I haven't had a phone call saying they're here.

Charlie: Shit! Shit. (Charlie's mobile rings.) Uh... Hang on, hang on. Uh, Lee, take this; my phone's ringing. (Hands the camera to Lee.) Oh no, no; it's them, it's them. (Answers her phone.) Hello? Hell- Where are you? Oh, are you serious? N-n-no, stay right there. Stay right there; I'm gonna come and get you.

Megan: What's wrong? What is it?

Charlie: Um... Yeah, 'kay. Okay, bye.

Megan: Where?

Charlie: That idiot cab driver. He's dropped them off at the wrong building.

Megan: What do you mean "wrong building"?

Charlie: I'm really sorry, Megan; we're just gonna go and get them. Come on, Lee, you have to come now.

Megan: Charlie, we literally have ten minutes!

Charlie: Oh, no-no-no. I'm onto it. I'm onto it.

Megan: Literally ten minutes, Charlie.

Charlie: Really, I'm onto it.

(Charlie bumps into Nick Grimshaw on her way out.)

Nick Grimshaw: Hi. Are they here?

Charlie: Hi.

Nick Grimshaw: We're ready to go on right now.

Charlie: Um, I'm just- Yeah, I'm just gonna get them now. I'm really, really sorry.

Nick Grimshaw: Okay. (Looks at Lee.) What is that? Who's he?

Charlie: Lee! Lee. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry about that. (Drags Lee out of the studio.) come- Come, Lee. Lee! I swear to god... Come with me. We need to-

Lee: This is the best day ever, Charlie!

Charlie: Quick! (Runs through the front door.)

Lee: Wa- Where're we going, Charlie?

Charlie: Hurry up!

Lee: We're gonna find the band! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Charlie: Just get in the car; just get in the car!

(Cut to Lee and Charlie in the car. Lee is giggling with excitement.)

Lee: Come on, this is the best day of my life, Charlie!

Charlie: Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

Lee: This is brilliant! Scouting For Girls!

Charlie: Yeah, okay, can you see them?

Lee: I can't see them anywhere.

Charlie: Hang on, do you think if I-?

Lee: I can't see them anywhere.

Charlie: I think my, um... (Cut to another street.) Oh my gosh, okay.

Lee: Look! Look! It's the band! It's them! (Laughs.) I can't believe this is happening to me! (Lee hops out of the car and runs over to the band, standing on the corner.) Hi! Hi, guys! (Giggles as he hugs Roy and kisses him on the cheek.)

Charlie: Lee, please... Lee, please! Stop it.

Lee: Brilliant! (Hugs Peter and Greg.) I love you guys!

Charlie: I'm really sorry, guys.

Lee: Look, you've got your hat on and everything. This is brilliant. I'm so happy!

Charlie: Guys, we've really, really got to- Lee, let go! Let go! Let go, let go. Okay, we've got to go.

Lee: Come in the car.

Charlie: Help them get in the car.

Roy: Where've you been?

Charlie: We came around the block for you guys.

Peter: We've been waiting forever.

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Sorry.

Lee: (Holding the rear door open for the band.) In you go, Scouting For Girls. (Giggles.) Scouting For Girls in the car!

Charlie: Lee, just get in the car, please?

Lee: I will.

(Cut to Lee getting in the car. Charlie hops in and starts driving.)

Peter: I don't know where to go.

Lee: Oh, look at them! Sitting in the back of my car!

Charlie: Lee...

Lee: Hello, Scouting For Girls! Hello, Scouting For Girls! Hello, Scouting For Girls!

Scouting For Girls: Hi.

Charlie: Stop it! Chill out. Put the camera away, I told you... (Cut to Lee giggling as he films himself.) You're gonna freak them out!

Lee: Scout- I'm not gonna freak 'em out.

Charlie: I'm really sorry about him.

Lee: You like your fans, don't you? I read it all about you.

Greg: I love your wig.

Lee: You like my wig?

Roy: 'Cause Elvis ain't dead.

Lee: I like yours.

(Everyone laughs.)

Charlie: Come on, guys, please just try and shoehorn it in during your interview today. Please!

Roy: Do you really want us to say that we slept with Chris Moyles?

Charlie: Seriously, seriously. I d- I promise you. If you go on there and you say that you shagged him, he's gonna be playing your clip all next week.

Greg: Right.

Peter: No...

Charlie: Oh, come on, guys, please! It's cool, seriously.

Roy: I just don't think we should do it.

Charlie: Oh, come on, guys, come on!

Roy: It's just ridiculou- It's a lie!

Charlie: If there's one thing I know, it's that Chris Moyles loves people talking about him. He's gonna love it. He's gonna dig it, seriously.

Peter: I think we should have a vote on it. What do you think?

Charlie: Please! Vote for it. Come on. I think it's gonna be great.

Greg: Alright, hands up if you want to say it.

Charlie: My hand's up.

Greg: And now let's go for all those not in favor. (Everyone else puts their hands up.)

Charlie: Oh, come on, guys, please!

Greg: It's not gonna happen. He's gonna see right through it.

Charlie: No he's not! Seriously, please. It's gonna be great!

Peter: I slept with Chris Moyles.

Greg: I slept with Chris Moyles.

Roy: I slept with Chris Moyles.

Lee: Come on, quick! Quick, Charlie! Pull in, pull in!

(Charlie guns it to catch the parking spot and everyone in the car yells. Cut to Lee getting out of the car.)

Charlie: Save the boys.

(The band unloads from the car.)

Lee: Come on, boys, quick, quick. Let's get in.

Charlie: (Herding the band into the building.) Go-go-go-go! Yes.

(They run past the doorman, who makes faint attempts for I.D.s.)

Lee: That way; down! (They all run down the stairs toward the studio.) Go! Go, Scouting For Girls!

Charlie: Yeah, go, guys. It's just in here. Yeah.

(The band runs into the closed studio door and laughs. They all go into the studio.)

Lee: I can't believe we're here! Oh my god!

Charlie: Oh, yeah; so sorry.

Megan: It's okay. Hey, guys, how are you? Are you all right?

Scouting For Girls: Just about; yeah.

Nick Grimshaw: Hello, I'm Grimmy. How are you? (Shakes hands with the band members.) Hi!

Lee: Yeah, hi, Grimmy!

Nick Grimshaw: Who are you?

Lee: I'm Lee.

Nick Grimshaw: Oh, hi, Lee, how are you?

Lee: Good, good! (Giggles, shaking Nick's hand.)

Nick Grimshaw: Goodbye.

Greg: Let go of his hand.

Nick Grimshaw: Come on in.

Charlie: I'm just gonna duck to the bathroom, so I'll meet you guys- Yeah, just give me a sec.

Roy: We don't know who he is.

Nick Grimshaw: Okay. I was gonna say.

Charlie: You guys go in. Okay.

Lee: Don't worry, Charlie; I'll handle it all. I'm with the band.

Charlie: Okay. (Lee follows everyone else into the studio.) God. I hope this is okay. I'm busting. (Cut to the bathroom. Westwood comes out of the ladies' toilet.) Oh, Westwood! Hey!

Westwood: Hey! Why you filming? Easy, baby!

Charlie: I'm sorry!

Westwood: You wanna hang out with the big dog? Ladies are that way. (Points to the right.)

Charlie: (Going into the bathroom.) Big dog! (Laughs.) Quick. (Cut to Charlie washing her hands.) Now to save the day. (Tries to open the door, to find it's locked.) You kidding me? Oh no! This is a joke. This is- Really funny joke. Hello? Lee! Megan! Oh! I can't believe I'm stuck in the toilet! Don't even laugh; it's so not funny right now. I'm so fired. (Makes a face.) And it smells like Westwood dropped a bomb in here. (Fans the air.) That is so disgusting. (Covers her nose with her scarf.) I can't breathe! (Bangs on the door.) Lee! Anyone! Hello?

(Cut to "WestWood Cam". Westwood and DJ Dre are in the studio, getting ready for their show. Dre taps Westwood on the shoulder and points at Lee, who is also in the studio.)

Lee: Hiya.

Westwood: Oh, yo, son; easy, easy, please, son. You know, you're a funny looking dude. You're next door; that's the Switch studio for sound. This is Westwood. You're in the wrong building right now, dog! We don't have funny dos like that.

Lee: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to-

Westwood: Oh, easy, easy with the funny voice as well. Please, man. This is- This is hip-hop in here, baby. We're blasting off to cri- Stop-stop looking at me funny like that!

Lee: I'm not!

Westwood: You're a funny dude, son. Where's the accent from, man? I'm not really feeling this.

Lee: You talk about rap music.

Westwood: This is- Yo, easy. We don't really want to know about that. It's all extra!

Lee: Come on, I like-

Westwood: Plus you're wearing the funny Elvis look. Be respectful. B.I.G. passed. Eleven years deep. He was my friend, dog. We feel a little- You know, you should be wearing a- a black arm band. Show some respect!

Lee: Respect-

Westwood: Scouting for who? Girls.

Lee: I can do a rap for him.

Westwood: Fall back!

Lee: Do you know John Barnes? John Barnes is my favorite rapper.

Westwood: You know about football.

Dre: Yeah, he's a clown, though. Come on, man.

Lee: No, he's a good- he's a good rapper.

Dre: He's a legend, but he ain't no rapper. No.

Lee: You've got to hold and give; do it at the right time.

Westwood: No, he's a baller, understand? He's a baller!

Lee: You can be slow or fast, you've got to get to the line. They can hit you and hurt you, in defense or attack; there's only one way to beat them, you've got to get 'round the back. Catch me if you can, 'cause I'm an England man.

(Westwood looks confusedly at the camera.)

Dre: What the?

Lee: What you're lookin' at is the master plan! We ain't no hooligans, this ain't no football song; with three lions on our chest you know we can't go wrong. That's a goo- It's a good rap! Have you ever had John on your show? I might int- I'm from Liverpool, so I could probably, like, sort out a meeting. Maybe I could get him your aut-autograph, for you.

Westwood: It's a bust, baby. Come on, man. Next door, baby. Switch, that's where you are.

Lee: Thanks. You're nice guys.

Westwood: Come on. Come on, let's keep it moving around here.

Lee: I'm going, yeah.

Westwood: Come on. Come on, man.

Lee: Hey.

Westwood: Put some Brylcreem on, baby.

Lee: I'll give you a call.

Westwood: Straighten that quick. Come on.

Lee: I'll give you a call.

Westwood: Fix those sunglasses, dog. Come on.

Lee: Bye.

Westwood: It's hip-hop in here, baby.

Lee: Yeah.

Westwood: Bullback. Easy.

Lee: Easy! (Giggles as he leaves.)

(Cut back to Charlie in the bathroom.)

Charlie: Oh my god. I can't believe I've been locked in here for half an hour! Doesn't anyone in the BBC go to the bathroom? (Runs to the door as the handle is being shaken.) Hello? (Lee opens the door.) Oh my god, Lee! I don't think I've ever been so happy to see you!

Lee: What are you doing in here?

Charlie: I'll explain later. Have they gone on? Have they gone on?

Lee: Yeah. Yeah. It was a-mazing! And the BBC even filmed me!

Charlie: I-I've gotta go in and sort this out.

Lee: You can't; it's finished.

(Charlie pans the camera to film herself in the mirror of the bathroom.)

Charlie: I can't believe I stuffed up so badly!

Lee: No, no, you didn't. It was fine. I sorted it.

Charlie: What'd you do?

Lee: No, no, nothing. It was good!

Charlie: Really?

Lee: Yeah-yeah. And the producer thanked me for reminding them that it was the anniversary of the death of The Notorious B.F.G.

Charlie: Um... I didn't think you were a fan of hip-hop, Lee.

Lee: Well, no, not really, but I was talking to this really tall guy outside who had this cool accent, and he kept going on about his dog. But then he told me that, so I thought I'd sort of pass it on.

Charlie: Okay. W-

Lee: Charlie, what's that smell?

Charlie: Yeah, I know.

Lee: Yeah.

Charlie: Let's- Let's get out of here, Lee.


  • Lee is dressed as Elvis in homage to Scouting For Girls' song, Elvis Ain't Dead, which is later acknowledged by the band.
  • Chris Moyles is a DJ at BBC Radio 1, and "I slept with Chris Moyles last night" is a staple feature of his show, The Chris Moyles Show.
  • The Notorious B.I.G. was a famous American rapper, who was gunned down in a drive-by-shooting on March 9, 1997.
  • John Barnes was a footballer for England from 1983 to 1995. The rap Lee does in the video is an almost word-for-word replica of Barnes's rap in "World in Motion".
  • The radio DJ that Lee talks to is Tim Westwood a DJ in the UK and also the presenter of MTV UK's Pimp my ride. A catchpharse of his is "Let's drop a bomb."