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Gemma (Part V) Gemma (Part V)
Character information
Age Unknown
YouTube 10033
Revver Brother
Portrayed by Brother

Sebastian was a student in London who died in August 2006. In reality, Sebastian in an alias of Brother, who had gone undercover at the school for unknown reasons. Gemma was also undercover at this school in order to get close to Brother. In February 2006, Gemma emailed "Sebastian" an apology for how she had behaved earlier in class. They had been friends for a few weeks before this letter, and she admits that she had become interested in him romantically. Whether her feelings were true or just part of her plan to get close to him remains unknown.

In May, Sebastian posted three videos focusing on fireworks. Via the YouTube tags, he laments on how he screwed things up with Gemma, making it clear that he isn't aware of her true identity.

At the beginning of August, Gemma informed an OpAphid agent going by War Pylol of Brother's identity. A few days later, War Pylol posted the video Add Poe Hinder Vilification ("Location Verified, D in APHID") to alert OpAphid of Brother's exact location. Tachyon saw the video, figured it out, and arranged for Brother to escape. They planted a corpse on the explosion scene to make OpAphid believe "Sebastian" had been sufficiently dealt with.

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