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Security guards
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First Appearance Last Appearance
Mission Possible It's Not What it Seems
Character information
Age Various
Portrayed by Ian Schwartz, Ryan McCarthy, Lee Miller, Brandon Burkhart, Ashley Lourey, Randall Mills, John Palmer

Videos with Security guards

Security guards are hired security personnel, who have been seen at a number of lonelygirl15, KateModern, and LG15: The Resistance events. They are also known as bodyguards and Wyman security personnel.


They first appeared at the Wyman Foundation in Mission Possible, although the guard seen there was emotionally compromised by Sarah and did not do his job properly. Three more guards were seen in What's Going on?. The first one tried to stop Jonas, Daniel, Mallory, and Sarah from entering a private meeting, but failed. He then called in two other security guards in white shirts and Lucy for backup. Once again, TAAG got away from the personnel, however, at the end of the video a guard can be heard shouting, "Next time!" In Bree's Mom, a bodyguard was seen escorting Elizabeth Avery to her car.

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