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Episode 0018
So Long

So long for now.

Blogger flowersonmyhat
Date Posted July 20th, 2007
Description Well, my time is up, and I've made my decision. Tomorrow, at dawn, I'm going to the Jail Tree to meet the kidnappers.

Hopefully I'll see you guys again some time! You've all been really great, and I'll miss you.

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So Long is the eighteenth video in the flowersonmyhat video series.


Allison: You guys are geniuses, seriously. Thanks to kipperskeet, culwin, Brooklynxman, SparklingGrey, mileyfan, and especially Libra, the message is decoded now. I don't know how I missed the fact that it was ASCII code, I mean, I just used that the other day, but oh well. It's a poem, and it must be from whoever has my mom and my grandma. Here's what the message says:

Text: The prophecy spoken

The die has been cast

What once was foretold

Will soon come to pass

We want not your life

But rather your will

Your presence is vital

We have no wish to kill

Only you hold the key

To arboreal jail

Their lives are at stake

If you choose to fail

To surrender yourself

And diffuse our threat

Meet us at dawn

After three suns have set

Choose wisely

Allison: There's one part of the poem that you guys probably don't understand-- the "arboreal jail"--but it's crystal clear to me. Wickenburg, where I live, is famous for this ancient tree that supposedly used to serve as the town jail. (A picture of the "arboreal jail" appears.) It's pretty close to my house, and I think this is where the kidnappers want to meet me. Now, the letter was dated the 17th, and it says I have to meet them at dawn after three suns have set. That's tomorrow morning. I've done nothing but think about what I should do since you guys decoded the message, and the right decision seems obvious. I have to save them. Now, according to the letter, if I go they won't hurt me, but if I stay here, then my mom and my grandma will die, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened. Besides, I think this like my fate, you know? That symbol on my birth certificate, that fortune cookie I got? It all makes sense now. What once was foretold will soon come to pass... I'm supposed to do this. I'm going to leave a note for my mom inside my hat on our kitchen table, and I'm going to write down the URL of my youtube account so that she can see exactly what happened. I just hope she's all right. I know you guys will probably say I shouldn't do this, and I'll admit, I'm kind of scared, but it's what I have to do. I'd like to think that this isn't the last video I'll ever make, so I guess I'll just say, "so long for now." (She waves.)