Song of the Summer Solstice

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Episode 0013
Song of the Summer Solstice

Golden Dawn...

Blogger flowersonmyhat
Date Posted June 21st, 2007
Description Hey guys! I'm so excited! It's the Summer Solstice!

My grandma and my mom wanted me to write a verse to add to our Hymn in celebration of the sun and summer. I thought you guys might like to hear it, so I made a short video.

Here are the lyrics (please don't make fun, I'm new to this and I was really nervous about singing):

Sunshine on my face Gleams into my happiness Like a golden dawn.

Sunshine in my soul Unfettered, free forever Willingly answers.

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Song of the Summer Solstice is the thirteenth video in the flowersonmyhat video series.


(Footage of the sun, the sun through grass, and a spinning landscape. Cut to a shot of the sun shining through a tree.)

Allison: (singing) Sunshine on my face gleams into my happiness like a golden dawn. Sunshine in my soul, unfettered, free forever, willingly answers.