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Sparklebot is a nearly ever present entity found in the IRC chat room dedicated to Operation Aphid. In its earliest days there was much speculation as to who Sparklebot truly was. Many thought that it was Ravensgrace; however, this idea was soon dismissed. It has generally become accepted knowledge that Sparklebot is actually OpAphid's presence in the IRC chat to record and watch goings on between its minions and others. Simply put, Sparklebot is OpAphid. In its early days, Sparklebot did nothing but simply "sparkle." When someone in the room said the word sparkle, Sparklebot would respond with "*SPARKLES*."

It seems uncertain if Sparklebot was truly a bot and responded to certain word cues in the room or if someone was monitoring it and manually engaging the "Sparkle" response. This stems from Sparklebot's failure to respond to every instance of the word Sparkle being stated in the room. It very likely was a combination of active monitoring and boticized monitoring.

As time progressed, Sparklebot was caught singing in the room and engaged in behaviors other than simply sparkling. Sparklebot is dearly loved by the Operators and any disparaging of Sparklebot usually results in the offender being banned by a room moderator.

*Sparklebot* on film

There have been numerous videos made with regards to Sparklebot's actvities within the IRC chat. Check acidfinger's YouTube account for some of these videos.