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Stargirl was a cruel nickname given to Bree by her fellow classmates during her brief stint in public school. When Bree continued to ask a large amount of astronomy-related questions in science class, the other students made fun of her and called her Stargirl until she stopped. Bree tells this story in the video Poor Pluto.

"Stargirl" is also the name of a teen-lit novel by Jerry Spinelli. The book tells the story of a homeschooled girl who arrives in a public high school but doesn't quite fit in. Some have suggested that the use of the name Stargirl is a nod to the book, and possibly a hint that it is a source of inspiration.

Others have speculated that the nickname "Stargirl" and the accusation that Bree comes "from a star" gives credence to the Moonchild theory.


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli on

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