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'''Stargirl''' was a cruel nickname given to [[Bree]] by her fellow classmates during her brief stint in public school.  When Bree continued to ask a large amount of astronomy-related questions in science class, the other students made fun of her and called her Stargirl until she stopped.  Bree tells this story in the video [[Poor Pluto]].
"Stargirl" is also the name of a teen-lit novel by Jerry Spinelli.  The book tells the story of a homeschooled girl who arrives in a public high school but doesn't quite fit in.  Some have suggested that the use of the name Stargirl is a nod to the book, and possibly a hint that it is a source of inspiration.
Others have speculated that the nickname "Stargirl" and the accusation that Bree comes "from a star" gives credence to the [[Moonchild]] theory.
[http://www.amazon.com/Stargirl-Jerry-Spinelli/dp/037582233X Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli on amazon.com]
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