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Blogger Maggie
Date Posted October 30th, 2008
12:28:03 PM
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Static (also known as Bare) is a text blog posted by Maggie directly after the video Secret Sauce and directly before the video Boo!.


Reed. Many thanks for your offer. But I’m not sure how much use I will be to the group in my current state. Physically I’m fine. But my armor has gone. I do not have my equipment. Or anonymity.

These things have been stolen from me. My resolve to fight is strong, but my ability has never been weaker.

I saw yesterday’s post. All of you are beginning to function well together. The dynamic is taking shape. I fear my intrusion will only serve to place your strengthening bonds off balance.

To join is to disrupt.

For this is not something she will do. And though she longs to remember the comforts of friendship, she cannot risk the lives of others in the process. Her enemy pursues her with more fervor than before. These nemeses will stop at nothing to see she is once again locked in their dungeons for another eternity. To bear such a horror a second time is beyond her imagination. So she will continue to run.


But what am I running toward?



  • Maggie later updated the blog with "The others in HoN will help. But I'm not sure what I can do. -- Maggie"