Stone Mountain Park Meetup

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[17:51] * chershaytoute changes topic to 'Phipunk is at Stone Mountain Park!�'

[17:52] <Tenduza> just wait...plans change.

[17:52] * MicFranXon has joined #thecoalition

[17:52] <chershaytoute> hey, mike!

[17:53] <Tenduza> plans always change..

[17:53] <Tenduza> I gotta go, i have somewhere to go..ill still be logged in.

[17:54] * Tenduza is now known as Tenduza|Travelin

[17:54] <chershaytoute> he sees them

[17:54] <deagol> lum, sandi was supportive of the kids, telling them to lern all they can and take advantage of the opportunity, but to be strong against the brainwashing

[17:55] <deagol> *learn

[17:55] <chershaytoute> PHI SEES THE KIDS

[17:55] <deagol> yay!

[17:55] <chershaytoute> HE'S TALKING TO CARMINE

[17:55] <deagol> awesome

[17:55] <chershaytoute> SHOOT

[17:55] <chershaytoute> THE PHONE WENT DEAD

[17:55] <deagol> shoot????

[17:55] <deagol> who shooted?

[17:55] <chershaytoute> i don't swear

[17:55] <luminous> Guess I should read the comments for the T3 thread, eh?

[17:55] <luminous> O.O

[17:56] <deagol> yea those are very interesting lum

[17:56] <chershaytoute> i'm calling him's ringing

[17:56] <deagol> although theres almost 1000 comments

[17:56] <luminous> Ugh that's a lot!

[17:56] <chershaytoute> nope...

[17:56] <chershaytoute> no luck

[17:56] <chershaytoute> i'll try again in a sec

[17:56] <chershaytoute> shards!

[17:56] <luminous> that sucks!

[17:56] <modelmotion> how goes

[17:56] <chershaytoute> i heard something about the phone, i think, just before it cut off

[17:56] <luminous> Hope his camera batters don't run out too

[17:57] <luminous> *batteries

[17:57] <deagol> oh man i wonder...

[17:57] <chershaytoute> OKAY, GOT HIM.

[17:57] <ApotheosisAZ> cool

[17:57] <luminous> *whew

[17:57] <deagol> yes


[17:57] <deagol> moss?

[17:57] <luminous> ? Moss ?

[17:57] <deagol> lol


[17:57] <deagol> a stone?

[17:57] <luminous> ??????

[17:57] <deagol> wtf

[17:57] <luminous> ope mossy?

[17:57] <chershaytoute> THERE'S A STONE HE NEEDS TO GIVE A STONE TO

[17:57] <luminous> *op

[17:58] <chershaytoute> FOR DELIVER TO SAVANNAH

[17:58] <deagol> hmm, them stones

[17:58] <chershaytoute> my comment is...maybe sean?

[17:58] <chershaytoute> swamp man

[17:58] <deagol> didnt kris pick up some stones for the genie?

[17:58] * Tenduza|Travelin is now known as Tenduza|HeadShot


[17:58] <chershaytoute> HE HAS TO GIVE MOSS TO SOMEONE IN THE PARK

[17:58] <sparky> ..

[17:58] <deagol> oh dear


[17:59] <deagol> what is moss?

[17:59] <luminous> So like a password - I'm the guy with the moss? lol

[17:59] <luminous> hahahaha

[17:59] <chershaytoute> oh yes, says phi - about stone genie

[17:59] * MicFranXon8 has joined #thecoalition

[17:59] <luminous> Man, I feel lost. Stone genie?

[18:00] <MicFranXon8> so what's happening?

[18:00] <luminous> I haven't been following this closely enough I guess

[18:00] <luminous> Phipunk has moss.

[18:00] <luminous> lol

[18:00] * Tenduza|HeadShot is now known as Tenduza|||||||Zo

[18:00] <chershaytoute> stone genie is from WoW, lumi

[18:00] <luminous> I thought that was storm genie

[18:00] <chershaytoute> phi is right there with us, lost, except it's in his hand

[18:00] <deagol> lum is right

[18:01] <deagol> stormgenie anagrams to mistergone

[18:01] <chershaytoute> i keep thinking moss must have to do with the swamp

[18:01] * Tenduza|||||||Zo is now known as Tenduza|Zorin

[18:01] <luminous> *whew, thanks deagz, thought I was loosing it, lol

[18:01] * MicFranXon has quit IRC (Nick collision from services.�)

[18:01] <deagol> oh shutup tenny

[18:01] * MicFranXon8 is now known as MicFranXon

[18:01] * Tenduza|Zorin is now known as Tenduza|

[18:01] <deagol> hello mic

[18:01] <chershaytoute> PHI IS BEING CALLED ASIDE - OUT OF THE SUN.

[18:01] <deagol> Most kinds of plants have a double portion of chromosomes in their cells (diploid, i.e. each chromosome exists with a partner that contains the same genetic information) whilst mosses (and other bryophytes) have only a single set of chromosomes (haploid, i.e. each chromosome exists in a unique copy within the cell). There are periods in the moss lifecycle when they do have a full, paired set of chromosomes but this is only during the sporophyte stage.

[18:01] <luminous> Out of the sun?

[18:01] <MicFranXon> hi deags

[18:01] * Tenduza| is now known as Tenduza|travelin

[18:02] <luminous> Is that supposed to be significant?

[18:02] <deagol> commonly grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations. They do not have flowers or seeds, and their simple leaves cover the thin wiry stems.

[18:02] <deagol> i have no clue


[18:03] <deagol> so wait, phi has one stone?

[18:03] <chershaytoute> AND THEY'RE WAITING FOR A CONTACT

[18:03] <luminous> Wow, deag - I think that what you are saying about moss might be important.

[18:03] <chershaytoute> no, he has no stone, just the moss

[18:03] <chershaytoute> HE'S NOW BEEN HANDED A CD.

[18:03] <deagol> so whats the thing about a stone?

[18:03] <chershaytoute> WAIT, HE HAS ONE STONE, AND THE MOSS, AND THE CD

[18:03] <chershaytoute> MY MISTAKE

[18:03] <deagol> omg

[18:03] <chershaytoute> WHAT, WHAT?

[18:04] <deagol> poor phi is burdened with items

[18:04] <deagol> ./inventory phipunk

[18:04] <deagol> ./describe stone

[18:04] <deagol> ./info stone

[18:05] <chershaytoute> OKAY, STONE IS SMALL, YELLOW ROUND


[18:05] <chershaytoute> I'M ON HOLD

[18:05] <deagol> damn

[18:05] <chershaytoute> AH, SHOOT. I GOT CUT OFF AGAIN

[18:05] <luminous> urgh

[18:05] <chershaytoute> back to non cap locks

[18:05] <chershaytoute> little green donkey toes

[18:05] <deagol> so we need to solve this clue or phi will get in trouble?

[18:06] <MicFranXon> a rolling stone gathers no moss

[18:06] <deagol> lol nice mic

[18:06] <luminous> You know cher, there are very few people who are allowed to yell in IRC.

[18:06] <chershaytoute> he's back

[18:06] <chershaytoute> the kids are escorting him

[18:06] <deagol> where?

[18:06] <chershaytoute> laila is 14

[18:06] <chershaytoute> she will be trainer at the school

[18:06] <luminous> 14? That's young.

[18:07] <chershaytoute> lol, sorry, lumi - wanted to be seen

[18:07] <deagol> jiana is youger i think

[18:07] <luminous> Only you can get away with it :D

[18:07] <chershaytoute> the person that called gave directions, but wouldn't say who they were.

[18:07] <deagol> *younger

[18:07] <chershaytoute> jiana is 11.

[18:07] <chershaytoute> i's special...

[18:07] <chershaytoute> should i go back to caps/

[18:07] <chershaytoute> ?

[18:07] <deagol> what directions

[18:08] <chershaytoute> alright, he sees a couple people in front of waterwheel

[18:08] <deagol> yes caps or bold or color di

[18:08] <chershaytoute> to where he's supposed to go

[18:08] <luminous> I get that laila has grown into her abilities, the others are just learning about them.

[18:08] <luminous> 14 seems pretty young to be a trainer.

[18:08] * MicFranXon5 has joined #thecoalition

[18:08] <chershaytoute> �here he is...there's a waterwheel by the water clock

[18:09] <luminous> Yes, cher, you and only you are allowed to yell in here ;)

[18:09] <deagol> is phi supposed to make a decision about the moss and the stones?

[18:09] <luminous> Ah, bold, that works too.

[18:09] <chershaytoute> �he's asking vinnie if he's supposed to stop at the waterwheel

[18:09] <deagol> sorry, the stone

[18:09] * MicFranXon has quit IRC (Nick collision from services.�)

[18:09] <chershaytoute> �he's going to trust the kids' instincts

[18:09] <chershaytoute> �he figures they have good ones

[18:09] <ApotheosisAZ> moss only grows on one side of a stone, unless I'm mistaken

[18:09] <deagol> yes, good idea

[18:09] * MicFranXon5 is now known as MicFranXon

[18:09] <chershaytoute> �fountain is dry, he says

[18:10] <luminous> Yes, Apo, the side that's "out of the sun".

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �handing stone off to WILL

[18:10] <deagol> oooh

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �will says to "get the hell out of there"

[18:10] <deagol> yes

[18:10] <luminous> Will?

[18:10] <deagol> wow

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �WILL

[18:10] <deagol> sean

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �sean, yes.

[18:10] <deagol> will-o

[18:10] <deagol> get the hell out!

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �he is hauling

[18:10] <luminous> ???? he's there too?

[18:10] <chershaytoute> �he is

[18:10] <deagol> what do the kids say?

[18:11] <chershaytoute> �the kids were just running around/enjoying the fountain

[18:11] <deagol> are they getting out too?

[18:11] * MicFranXon has quit IRC (Client Quit�)

[18:11] <luminous> Where are the kids? What are they doing?

[18:11] <chershaytoute> �they seem to be just being

[18:11] <chershaytoute> �not really worried or worrying

[18:11] <chershaytoute> �phi is really breathing hard

[18:11] <chershaytoute> �he is long gone

[18:11] <deagol> what else did sean say?

[18:12] <deagol> oh fuck this doesnt sound good

[18:12] <luminous> Why how did he hand the stone off?

[18:12] <chershaytoute> �he was filming bird houses

[18:12] <luminous> What's the deal with the moss?

[18:12] <luminous> Where are the kids?

[18:12] <luminous> Where is Carmine?

[18:12] <chershaytoute> �"do you think birds really live in there?" he said -

[18:12] <chershaytoute> �phi said he hoped not

[18:12] <deagol> sean did?

[18:12] <chershaytoute> �sean did

[18:12] <chershaytoute> �phi is across the street from there.

[18:12] <luminous> who was filming birdhouses?

[18:12] <deagol> why? are the bird houses so horrible/

[18:13] <chershaytoute> �running any further or faster wouldn't get him any safer

[18:13] <chershaytoute> �sean was filming.

[18:13] <deagol> where is he now

[18:13] <luminous> birdhouses at stone mountain?

[18:13] <chershaytoute> �phi is going to sign off now, to call and get picked up.

[18:13] <deagol> call and get picked up by whom?

[18:14] <chershaytoute> he's going to call back in about 5 mins.

[18:14] <deagol> ok

[18:14] <chershaytoute> he got a ride out to the park

[18:14] <chershaytoute> okay...summary.

[18:14] <chershaytoute> he met carmine and the kids and laila at the park - at the waterwheel/fountain

[18:14] <chershaytoute> carmine handed him a stone, moss, a cd

[18:14] <chershaytoute> the moss was a clue about who he was to meet.

[18:15] <chershaytoute> (i still think it had to do with sean in the swamp, personally :) )

[18:15] <chershaytoute> someone called him to give him directions on where to go...but then the kids led him to where he needed to be.

[18:15] <chershaytoute> sean was filming birdhouses there...and asked him if he really thought birds would live in those birdhouses.

[18:15] <chershaytoute> phi said he didn't think so.

[18:16] <chershaytoute> sean then said he'd better get the hell outta there.

[18:16] <chershaytoute> he RAN!

[18:16] <luminous> Who called him, do you know?

[18:16] <chershaytoute> to the point he was out of breath in a very big way

[18:16] <chershaytoute> i don't. i'm assuming sean?

[18:16] <luminous> And you said he passed the stone off to sean?

[18:16] <chershaytoute> phi will call back.

[18:16] <chershaytoute> we can make sure of what he pass off to sean when he does

[18:17] <luminous> Ok.

[18:17] <chershaytoute> oh, and laila is 14 and will be the kids trainer at the school.

[18:17] <luminous> How would sean have had his phone# ? O.O

[18:17] <chershaytoute> sean knows things, too...? that scares me.

[18:18] <chershaytoute> phi didn't say anything about that.

[18:18] <chershaytoute> yet

[18:18] <sparky> that is odd about the birdhouses

[18:19] <luminous> I wonder if he kept the CD?

[18:19] <chershaytoute> yeah. i'm hoping phi will have formed some impressions once he gets back on the phone

[18:19] <chershaytoute> yeah. that would be good...maybe sean forgot to ask for it?

[18:20] <ApotheosisAZ> yeah, the birdhouse question sounded like a prompt for a password

[18:20] <luminous> Oooo good call apo!

[18:20] <chershaytoute> ohhhh... excellent call.

[18:20] <luminous> I'm anxious to find out what's on the CD.

[18:20] <luminous> Not quite sure what I'd do with the moss, lol

[18:20] <chershaytoute> line a bird's nest?  ;)

[18:21] <chershaytoute> sean strikes me as being quite an "interesting" kind of guy.

[18:21] <chershaytoute> all of this activity going on, and there he is, filming birdhouses.

[18:21] * deagol has quit IRC

[18:21] * deagol has joined #thecoalition

[18:21] <chershaytoute> evil wifi!

[18:21] <deagol> damnit

[18:21] <deagol> what happened?

[18:22] <luminous> When did we lose you deag?

[18:22] <chershaytoute> zorin shot your wifi out from under you?

[18:22] <deagol> i was here until you said "okay...summary."

[18:22] <chershaytoute> greg is logging for us.

[18:22] <luminous> lol

[18:22] <ApotheosisAZ> lulz

[18:22] * deagol slaps zorin

[18:22] <chershaytoute> hit him harder

[18:22] * deagol punches zorin in the face

[18:22] <chershaytoute> yay!

[18:23] <luminous> Hey, you never know, Zorin may have been the guy who kept everyone safe

[18:23] <deagol> did phi call back?

[18:23] <luminous> be nice to him!

[18:23] <chershaytoute> not yet.

[18:23] <deagol> im so confused as to what happened

[18:23] <chershaytoute> any time, i figure

[18:23] <deagol> how are the kids?

[18:23] <luminous> I think I trust Zorin more than I trust Carmine :P

[18:23] <deagol> i guess we dont know

[18:24] <luminous> No, we don't

[18:24] <luminous> no questions answered yet, really

[18:24] <deagol> i only trust sean and kris

[18:24] <chershaytoute> the kids seemed to be having a wonderful day at the park

[18:24] <chershaytoute> at least, that was the impression phi got.

[18:24] <luminous> And bree was having a great time till she got picked for the ceremony, lol

[18:24] <deagol> did sean say what was the danger?

[18:24] <chershaytoute> phi's back

[18:25] <chershaytoute> ride is on the way

[18:25] <chershaytoute> he still has the cd

[18:25] <chershaytoute> i have passed on the password/birdhouse thing

[18:25] <luminous> Cool. When will he get a chance to check it out?

[18:25] <chershaytoute> hopefully tonight, definitely no later than tomorrow

[18:26] <chershaytoute> any more questions?

[18:26] * deag has joined #thecoalition

[18:26] * deagol has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer�)

[18:26] <luminous> I always hate waiting for this stuff to upload, lol. I'm very impatient that way

[18:26] <luminous> bummer, lost deagz again.

[18:26] * deag is now known as deagol

[18:26] <deagol> whos uploading?

[18:26] <luminous> wait - we have the real deagol back?

[18:26] <deagol> lol there's a fake deagol???

[18:26] <chershaytoute> we don't know what's going to be uploaded by whom?

[18:26] <luminous> I would assume phi will upload something

[18:27] <chershaytoute> phi is going.

[18:27] <luminous> CD, pics video if he got it.

[18:27] <chershaytoute> phi will upload any pics/vid he got.

[18:27] <chershaytoute> if the cd is something he can upload, he will.

[18:27] <sparky> hopefully Sean will upload a video tonight also

[18:27] <chershaytoute> he's off the phone again.

[18:27] <luminous> And the file on the CD, hopefully.

[18:27] <chershaytoute> hopefully, yeah, sean will upload birdhouse. yippee!

[18:27] <luminous> or files

[18:27] <luminous> as the case may be.

[18:28] <luminous> Wait - sean has the cd?

[18:28] <chershaytoute> i didn't hear one way or the other if carmine had a camera. and phi never saw zorin

[18:28] <deagol> maybe zorin had a camera as well

[18:28] <chershaytoute> no, sean doesn't, phi does

[18:28] <chershaytoute> (phi has the cd, that is)

[18:28] <sparky> no- I just meant Sean was filming - so we may see a video from his point of view

[18:28] <luminous> that's what I thought

[18:28] <deagol> but phi handed the stone to sean, yes?

[18:28] <chershaytoute> phi said that he's feeling "a little hyper" just now

[18:28] <sparky> I think

[18:28] <luminous> Oh, that's right, we will see the birdhouses, maybe!

[18:29] <chershaytoute> yeah, sean has the stone

[18:29] <deagol> tell him to breathe

[18:29] <luminous> I'm curious about the stone, why Carmine and the kids had it and why they passed it to sean.

[18:29] <chershaytoute> sparky, yeah, video of the kids walking phi toward him, him getting the stone...and him running like mad away.

[18:29] <sparky> poor Phi- that must have been nuts

[18:30] <chershaytoute> it was pretty intense, even from here.

[18:30] <chershaytoute> he must've been going nuts

[18:30] * immortal1 has joined #thecoalition

[18:30] <chershaytoute> from the time the phone rang till the time he was done running wasn't a lot of time, but OH!

[18:30] <deagol> hey immo

[18:30] <luminous> Too bad we don't have audio of the phone call.

[18:30] <chershaytoute> immo, you missed it all

[18:30] <chershaytoute> lol! i have no idea how to record. if i did, i would have, darn it all!

[18:31] <deagol> so, after this i distrust carmine even more

[18:31] <chershaytoute> and it was a bunch of calls, cuz we kept getting knocked off

[18:31] <chershaytoute> i'd like to know more about that stone, too

[18:31] <chershaytoute> and why he needed phi to pass it on to sean

[18:31] <luminous> That's weird. I wonder who the other calls were from O.O

[18:32] <chershaytoute> i think it was just one call

[18:32] <deagol> was the moss a clue for sean? swamp/moist/shady?

[18:32] <chershaytoute> i think so

[18:32] <luminous> shady, lol

[18:32] <chershaytoute> it was supposed to tell him who was his contact?

[18:32] <luminous> You found some interesting data about moss genetics too, though deagz.

[18:32] <deagol> chers, you said they gave him instructions

[18:32] <chershaytoute> that was truly awesome.

[18:32] <luminous> bet there's something there we should pay attention to.

[18:33] <deagol> lum its just wiki

[18:33] <chershaytoute> the person who called did, but then the kids led him to where he needed to go

[18:33] <luminous> Yes, but wiki holds many secrets :D

[18:33] <ApotheosisAZ> man, those kids must be psychic

[18:33] <deagol> i bet they are apo

[18:33] <immortal1> can't believe I missed it. my PC's been acting up.

[18:34] <deagol> sorry immo

[18:34] <luminous> Cher said Greg is logging.

[18:34] <immortal1> oh well I'm sure there will be video ;-)

[18:34] <deagol> i missed a bit because my wifi is acting up

[18:34] <deagol> yes, and the log

[18:35] <deagol> i hope i didnt swear or anything if it'll be posted :)

[18:35] <luminous> hahaha, deagz

[18:36] <deagol> is phi still there?

[18:36] <immortal1> so anyone want to nutshell it for me?

[18:36] <deagol> umm... di

[18:36] <chershaytoute> i don't think you said anything untoward

[18:36] <chershaytoute> deags, he's not on the phone now.

[18:36] <deagol> ok

[18:37] <chershaytoute> let me scroll back and get my in a nutshell version again real fast, just a sec

[18:37] <deagol> im worried about sean

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:15] <chershaytoute> he met carmine and the kids and laila at the park - at the waterwheel/fountain

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:15] <chershaytoute> carmine handed him a stone, moss, a cd

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:16] <chershaytoute> the moss was a clue about who he was to meet.

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:16] <chershaytoute> (i still think it had to do with sean in the swamp, personally :) )

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:16] <chershaytoute> someone called him to give him directions on where to go...but then the kids led him to where he needed to be.

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:17] <chershaytoute> sean was filming birdhouses there...and asked him if he really thought birds would live in those birdhouses.

[18:38] <chershaytoute> [15:17] <chershaytoute> phi said he didn't think so.

[18:39] <chershaytoute> [15:17] <chershaytoute> sean then said he'd better get the hell outta there.

[18:39] <chershaytoute> [15:17] <chershaytoute> he RAN!

[18:39] <chershaytoute> [15:17] <chershaytoute> to the point he was out of breath in a very big way

[18:39] <chershaytoute> More: Laila is 14 (the kids are 11) and supposed to be their trainer.

[18:39] <chershaytoute> he gave sean the stone, not the cd.

[18:39] <chershaytoute> what'd i miss?

[18:40] <deagol> thanks di

[18:40] <sparky> I thnk that's it

[18:40] <deagol> yea

[18:40] <immortal1> carmine actually gave phi moss?

[18:40] <chershaytoute> moss.

[18:40] <sparky> Moss = Lichen = Green Algae

[18:40] <deagol> lol yes

[18:40] <chershaytoute> yeah. lol

[18:40] <deagol> really sparky?

[18:40] <sparky> I think

[18:40] <deagol> i thought it was totally different than algae

[18:40] <sparky> but I'm no botanist

[18:40] <chershaytoute> can you imagine walking up to someone and having them hand you MOSS?

[18:41] <chershaytoute> "here, have this green fuzzy stuff"

[18:41] <immortal1> and what's with the birdhouses is that code?

[18:41] <chershaytoute> we're wondering if it might be.

[18:41] <chershaytoute> i told phi that we think it could, for when he gets to a computer.

[18:41] <immortal1> like the fat man sleeps alone LOL

[18:42] <immortal1> oh right that makes sense

[18:42] <ApotheosisAZ> I did take botany in college

[18:42] <ApotheosisAZ> not that I remember much of it

[18:43] <immortal1> so phi was basically a mule for carmine

[18:43] <deagol> seems like it

[18:43] <chershaytoute> i never got interested in botany. plants aren't very friendly. the only ones that do things eat bugs...  ;)

[18:44] <deagol> but i think he didnt give the stone to whom carmine intended it for

[18:44] <chershaytoute> yeah...on the mule thing...i don't get that. why he needed him to be, especially since he was willing to have the kids take phi to sean

[18:44] <deagol> i think sean was under cover

[18:44] <chershaytoute> as what?

[18:44] <deagol> or maybe carmine doesnt know of him

[18:44] <chershaytoute> <shaking cobwebs out of head>

[18:45] <deagol> ooh what if zorin saw sean intercepting the handoff and with the kids, and thought sean was his target? :\

[18:45] <immortal1> seems redundant to get a call and have the kids escort him

[18:46] <deagol> i think sean called phi

[18:46] <deagol> to tell him where to go

[18:46] <deagol> and the kids just knew where

[18:46] <deagol> so they toook him there

[18:46] <deagol> i mean "knew" as in figured it out on the spot

[18:47] <chershaytoute> well, the kids are good little thinkers...well, intuitive...or...something.

[18:47] <deagol> or, the real intended recipient of the stones called

[18:47] <sparky> nevermind about the lichen "Mosses and lichens are often confused, in part because many common names for lichens include the word �201cmoss.�201d In fact, the two organisms are radically different and are not even in the same kingdom."

[18:47] <chershaytoute> there could be that, deags.

[18:47] <deagol> cher, did carmine specifically mention it was MOSS, or was that how phi described it to you?

[18:48] <deagol> cause maybe it's really lychen

[18:48] <chershaytoute> that's how phi described it

[18:48] <chershaytoute> we'll have to ask phi

[18:48] <deagol> so your theory is still possible sparky

[18:49] * Tenduza|travelin is now known as Tenduza

[18:49] <deagol> kris was interested in some info from mr.gone, and he got "green algae" from gone

[18:49] <Tenduza> gotta run, bye.

[18:50] <chershaytoute> oh, yeah...that was quite a while back...but still

[18:50] <deagol> yes quite a while

[18:50] * Tenduza has quit IRC ("Java user signed off"�)

[18:50] <immortal1> that CD might explain things

[18:50] <deagol> and it was like gone owed kris a favor because kris had picked up those stones

[18:50] <chershaytoute> it might explain a great deal, yeah

[18:52] <luminous> Oooo I forgot about the green algae anagram and the stones.

[18:52] * ApotheosisAZ isn't away

[18:52] <luminous> Interesting possible tie in here.

[18:53] <deagol> "We are at a 'Crossroads'. I have a mission for you which you will be required to execute at the time of our meeting. There are forces that would like to prevent the children and their cargo from reaching their ultimate destination. For your protection and the protection of the children, I strongly recommend that you tether yourself to a remote lifeline via cellphone. Your lifeline will be charged with keeping your compatriots and mine fully informed

[18:54] <deagol> im pretty sure phi "failed" carmine's mission

[18:54] <chershaytoute> that's not good

[18:54] <deagol> but he succeded in my book

[18:54] <deagol> *succeeded

[18:54] <chershaytoute> and i'm wondering what the children's "cargo" might be?

[18:54] <deagol> the stone

[18:54] <chershaytoute> and asarhapi appeared on the forum...where was he in all this?

[18:55] <deagol> probably a peeping tom

[18:55] <luminous> Was the stone intended to be delivered to hapi, do you think?

[18:55] <chershaytoute> well, if there are forces trying to prevent the cargo from getting there, too, why would phi be charged with taking it to a contact?

[18:55] <deagol> hapi is kinda creepy

[18:56] <chershaytoute> i don't like mr. hapi

[18:56] <immortal1> haha I like him

[18:56] * virginian9000 has joined #thecoalition

[18:56] <chershaytoute> virg, you missed it all!

[18:56] <deagol> lol immo

[18:56] <chershaytoute> (hi, eric)

[18:56] <luminous> I'm not even sure if he's a real guy or an entity.

[18:56] <virginian9000> sorry. working

[18:56] <deagol> hey virg

[18:56] <virginian9000> hi

[18:56] <chershaytoute> i'm kind of thinking entity somehow

[18:56] <chershaytoute> or seriously dead egyptian guy

[18:56] <luminous> So it would be hard to deliver a stone to an entity.

[18:57] <luminous> lol cher

[18:57] <deagol> the mummy!

[18:57] <luminous> Zombi

[18:57] <ApotheosisAZ> lol

[18:57] <chershaytoute> well, just as hard to deliver to seriously dead...regardless of

[18:57] <luminous> unless they're a zombi mummy, lol

[18:57] <deagol> well gone and sean are kinda like entities

[18:57] <luminous> That would make for a creepy vid haha

[18:58] <chershaytoute> now, now. gone is just a scary fuzzy guy with terribly bad dental work

[18:58] <deagol> lol

[18:58] <deagol> binky!

[18:58] <chershaytoute> no, no, no!! that is NOT inside my head!

[18:58] <deagol> or was that blinky?

[18:58] <chershaytoute> <cringes>

[18:58] <chershaytoute> winky?

[18:58] <luminous> lol

[18:58] <deagol> wait, im confusing the two!

[18:58] <luminous> stinky - I bet he is

[18:58] <deagol> sparky, what was the nickname?

[18:59] <chershaytoute> hangs out in graveyards. yeah, stinky might work.

[18:59] <deagol> one of those

[18:59] <chershaytoute> sparky is feeding monkeys

[18:59] <deagol> yikes

[18:59] <chershaytoute> she said!  :)

[18:59] <immortal1> where is phi now?

[19:00] <chershaytoute> on his way back to town - he called for a ride/got picked up

[19:00] <chershaytoute> no longer on phone

[19:00] <luminous> Shouldn't he be calling back soon?

[19:00] <deagol> did he say when he'll get a chance to get on?

[19:00] <immortal1> did he say he would pop online?

[19:00] <chershaytoute> i could probably call/touch back with him

[19:00] <deagol> upload the stuff

[19:00] <chershaytoute> he's going to try to get on a computer tonight/tomorrow, wasn't sure when

[19:00] <deagol> dont rush him, just ask him for an estimated timeframe so we can all relax or whatever

[19:01] <chershaytoute> i'll call him now then, to ask?

[19:01] <deagol> maybe wait till he has a chance to see what's in the cd

[19:01] <chershaytoute> okay - it's been about 35 minutes since he called last...

[19:02] <deagol> k

[19:02] <chershaytoute> i'm going to go heat up some chai

[19:02] <deagol> i need a nap

[19:02] <chershaytoute> ah, sleep is for the...hmmm... i've never figured that out.

[19:03] <ApotheosisAZ> hehe

[19:03] <immortal1> sleep is for the tired

[19:03] <deagol> chers, thanks for being a lifeline for phi and us

[19:03] <chershaytoute> brb though. chai has the caffeind (spelling intended) that my head needs.

[19:03] <chershaytoute> weather's all wonky today

[19:03] <ApotheosisAZ> yeah, chershaytoute, you rock

[19:03] <chershaytoute> yes. i. do. LOL

[19:04] <deagol> di rock!

[19:04] <deagol> rock park

[19:04] <deagol> stones and moss

[19:04] <deagol> hmph

[19:05] <deagol> i'll check back after dinner

[19:05] <luminous> See ya!

[19:05] <luminous> I think I'm gonna take a break too.

[19:05] <deagol> if you see phi, thank him!

[19:05] * luminous is now known as lum|afk