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StormFaction is a YouTube account run by a user called Monark who proclaims himself to be the leader of StormFaction. They began to post videos on the 10th August, 2007, a week after Bree's death. In the first video named RESIST, the organization simply states that the 'Fight Has Just Begun', though in the second video, Who We Are Monark claims that the Order took his family, his friends and turned him and the rest of the Faction into "Killers". In StormFaction's third video, A Message, Monark leaves a message for "Jonas, Daniel, Spencer" and anyone else who "knows The Order". Monark also makes a statement addressed to the Order in which he states that "The War Has Begun" and that it's "Time To Take A Stand".

Monark and his men, including several unknowns named Echelon and Switch keep an up-to-date blog containing details of their operations and developments: [1]


  • On August 9th 2007, StormFaction's YouTube account was set up and the first video, 'Resist' was posted.
  • August 10th, 2007, StormFaction's second video 'Who We Are' was posted. It detailed why the organisation existed and that the Order had turned them 'into killers'. The third and henceforth final video was posted later that day, entitled 'A Message'. It was an open letter to 'Jonas, Daniel' and the Order and claimed that StormFaction was based in Ireland with links around the world. It also proclaimed that the 'war has begun'.
  • August 11th 2007, Monark's blog was set up. In the first post he made allusions to the videos and that 'and the war against The Order is underway. The second post was put up later that day and Monark detailed that his two associates, namely Switch and Echelon, were planning to 'iniate Phase 1 as soon as possible'. Two external agents in Oxford by the names of Orion and Gemini seemed to have knowledge of LaRezisto, which Monark remarked was important. The third post was alo put up the same day. Monark alluded to the capture of LincD and Rachel by OpAphid. He mentions Wasp7, a supposed liason with LincD who was following OpAphid and planning to neutralise Rachel and LincD if the situation called for it.
  • August 12th, 2007. Monark claims that Wasp7, Gemini and Orion have all gone offline and cannot be reached on 'any channels'. He mentions the 'Londonists', a supposed resistance group in England affiliated with StormFaction. Baron and Encore are also mentioned as resistance operatives in the 'North of Ireland'. Later that day, Monark posted a blog that claimed Wasp7 had been killed and his team in Seattle had been destroyed by the Order. Silver, Wasp7's second in command, supposedly left a voicemail message which read: "It's over for us, here. There was a bug. Be careful. Silver." Monark also alluded to KateModern by mentioning the Order was moving in on a trait positive girl in London. 'Phase 1' is iniated later that day when it is confirmed that Gemini is dead. Monark mentions later that the Order has gained the 'upper hand' and that his brother, 'Xarr' is on the run. The 'entire Resistance network on the Western European seabord' is reported as having gone offline.
  • August 13th, 2007. Monark claims that the Order located their base and they were forced to burn all of their equipment and documents before Switch detonated a booby trap set for the Order. He claims he is posting from an internet cafe in Belfast and they have moved operations further north.
  • August 14th, 2007. Monark makes the shortest post yet by stating 'We're alive. Just about.' Later that day, Monark confirms that they have made contact with Baron and Encore up North and they have tried contacting Gavin, Tariq and Kate but to no avail. He states that Bebo might provide some answers. Monark posts a few hours later, claiming that the Faction must go 'underground' for a few days to evade the Order and that the reader should make no move until LaRezisto says otherwise.
  • August 18th, 2007. Monark claims that Kate is in danger but there is nothing he or his men can do to help her besides see what happens. They mention a trait positive girl as having been located in Ireland but cannot be contacted. He claims that he has gotten his hands on a number of weapons ans a substantial sum of money and a broadcast can be expected soon.
  • September 7th, 2007, Monark and his men claimed the Order had discovered their identity and their location and cited Switch as the source of the information, having been a double agent.

Monark announced that he and his men were being forced to leave Ireland for fear of their lives and had left Echelon and Baron in charge of StormFaction which Monark proclaimed was now disbanded. A little while after posting on his blog, Monark revealed his true name and history as Jack Doherty from Drogheda. Jack/Monark claimed that his sister was trait positive and had been killed by his parents who were members of the Order of Denderah and he subsequently killed his father and made contact with the resistance in Ireland. No posts have been made since the 7th, although on the 8th, StormFaction's Bebo account name changed from 'Monark O' to 'Echelon P' to signify the new command change. What remains of StormFaction and their efforts to stop the Order remains to be seen.


Monark claims that StormFaction is based in Ireland and fights the Order there in Bree's name. StormFaction claimes to have contacts in many different countries all over the globe, including the USA, UK, Japan and Australia to name a few. After they were discovered on Monday, August 13th, the Faction relocated to Belfast but have since disbanded to other parts of the globe as of midnight on September 7th. Echelon, Monark's right hand man, is now in charge of the remnants of StormFaction.


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