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The letters TCC have appeared in code at the end of many Hymn of One videos. Initially, these letters were dismissed as irrelevant (in fact, Bree was once thought the mastermind of the hidden messages), but when the same letters continued to appear, a conversation about it started on the forum. Taylor and others on the forum theorized that it was some sort of sign-off, possibly someone's initials, or the name of an organization. TCC, whose identity was revealed to be Alex, eventually confirmed that the initials stood for The Clarion Call.

The Messages & Signatures

Sing With Me

  • Secret Message:
The first letter of every sentence in the video spells out "HELP HER FRIDAY TCC."
  • TCC?:
They're found in the phrase, "The Hymn of One is delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for new brothers and sisters. Contact the Hymn of One to begin your path towards Happiness and freedom from fear and insecurities. Come sing with me at"

Be Part of Something

  • Secret Message
The previous message from Sing With Me apparently continued here with the phrase, "BENEATH THE BLUESTONE"
  • TCC?:
This video remains the only Hymn of One video that does not include the TCC signature.

(The two messages above allowed Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah to find and rescue Bree in the video Getting Her Back.)


  • Secret Message:
"My Hands Are Tied. She's Being Prepared. I'm Sorry." This provided further proof that TCC is communicating with TAAG.
  • TCC?:
The letters TCC are found in "The Hymn of One sings to you. Can you hear it? Contact the Hymn of One and soon, you, too, will follow your happiness."

Look Back

  • Secret Message:
"Friday Early Low Tide Yacht Club Parents Slip" This message led Daniel and Sarah to the slip where Jonas's parents docked their yacht.
  • TCC?:
The letters are found in "The Hymn of One sings to you. Can you hear it? Contact the Hymn of One and bring yourself back to the joy and happiness that you had as a child."

Sing Until The End

  • Secret Message:
"Road Block. I Am Coming To You. Everyone Must Be Careful. Order Everywhere. Stop Questions. Answers May Be Too Difficult For You."
  • TCC?:
The letters TCC are found in the lines "Take the time now to answer the crazy questions. Contact the Hymn of One. Come see what it feels like to answer your questions with a song, and sing, sing, sing, until the end."


Time Correction Coefficient:

The Time Correction Coefficient has to do with calculating the handicap of a particular sailboat when racing. Boats of different sizes and weights will naturally sail at different speeds, so a handicap is used for some races so that each boat has the same chance at winning. Thread discussion here.

Topanga Canyon, California:

Topanga Canyon has been featured in several videos, including The Ceremony video and Nikki Bower's LG15 in Topanga Canyon - NBR 1 and What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2.

T Cell Cloning:

Users on the forum googled "Bluestone" and "TCC" together and found several papers written by Dr. J. A. Bluestone about T Cell Cloning. Thread discussion here.

Tachyon Can't Come:

A popular joke interpretation involves Tachyon, a character from the recent ARG OpAPHID.

Deep Throat:

This video brought the possibility that either Jonas's Aunt Alex or Beth (the reporter at the party) could be the mysterious TCC.

The Actual Meaning of TCC

The Clarion Call:

It was confirmed in Mission Possible that TCC means "The Clarion Call" and the mysterious TCC is actually Alex. In literature, the clarion call is a point in the plot where a character receives clear justification or incentive for his or her actions in the future of the plot. At this point, it is still unclear exactly how this ties into the story. However, it is interesting to note that when Daniel asked Alex what the clarion call meant, she suggested that he ask Sarah.