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Why dowe have this page? From thew pointr of view of the story theres no connection between the beaches, and Beaches don't have a special significance to the plot, so it's a meaningless grouping. The beaches in Mexico should be with al the otrher mexico locations, and tghe california beach should be in minor locations unless theres somewhere else that it connects better. _20:19, 20 May 2007 (CDT)

Well, per the theoretical Water Theme and since this was created before Mexico. And there's really no reason that there can't be some overlap of locations. --JayHenry 21:45, 20 May 2007 (CDT)
I agree. I don't see the problem with videos overlapping into other locations. For example, Jules vlogs were filmed in her home which is in Zavalla, Texas. I added her vlogs to the Zavalla location because they do in fact happen in Zavalla. I think overlapping is fine. Chelseyrl 01:04, 24 May 2007 (CDT)